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Upset Tummy?

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My kitten Neko is about 12 weeks now, strictly indoor. He went to use his litter box and I noticed that he had some diarrhea, nothing like water, but not very solid.

He's completely fine otherwise. Very active, following me everywhere..he's grumbling about something right now. No matter how I try and clean, he always seems to find food laying around, not to mention he eats my 1 year olds food. He's on Iams kitten food. Does it sound just like a little upset tummy?
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It does sound like he ate something that did not agree with him, if he is the little hoover you describe. Oh they will find anything and everything that you THINK you have cleaned up!
How is he getting to your babies food? That could indeed be the culprit depending on what kind he has snarfed up.
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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
How is he getting to your babies food?
I probably should have clarified, not my one year old baby, my one year old cat. The kitten thinks he is so smart; he knows I get upset when he steal the other cat's adult food. He caught on so now he grabs ONE piece of hard food and runs over to his bowl like he got it from his. The look on his face is a dead give away.
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LOL! I had this picture in my head of a cat stealing a babies food! And I think we all know that "Im innocent, I swear!" look, cats are the masters of it. Dogs just look guilty, lol.
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My brother refers to this kind of cat as a "floor shark." Very opportunistic feeder!

Keep an eye on his litter box. It could just be an upset from something unusual. You don't give him any milk, do you? If the problem seems to be getting worse, or not getting better, take him to the vet ASAP. Diarrhea can be a serious problem and a sign of coccidiosis and other intestinal parasites.
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It seems to be getting better, still not terribly solid but not runny.

The smell is still ungodly.
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