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Vibes needed

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I need vibes for my first advanced calculus exam. I am really worried about it because, despite doing okay on the homework, I have had my notes for that. I won't have my notes come Wednesday night when I take the exam and there are alot of proofs, theorems and definitions I need to remember. The definitions and theorems I can make flash cards for but the proofs I just have to write over and over again until there memorized and i'm not sure exactally what proofs she is going to ask. Like I know the types of proofs she is going to ask but I don't know what form there going to take.

Classic example of something tricky she might do.

In class we proved that if An and Bn converge to A and B respectively then An * Bn converges to A*B. Pretty easy proof actually and I will spare all you math phobic the trouble of reading it.

On homework she asked us to prove that Bn converges given An converges to A not equal to 0 and An*Bn converges.

Its based off of the proof we did in class just with a slight twist.

She can do that for any of the proofs that are going to be on the test, and the slight twists are going to be unpredictable. So vibes would be appreciated.
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...for ou donĀ“t get nervous!...
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Good luck!!! Dont be to worried!
Jess x
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Good luck !
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