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Fish, do I need to worry as much?

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I have two male cats who have no history of UTI's, they are both under the age of 2 and healthy.

I have been extremely cautious about feeding anything with fish in it--in all honesty how cautious do I need to be?

I did recently realize that their wet food, nutro MAX cat chicken and liver has fish in it (I didn't read that label apparently, cod is like the 4th ingredient) which they get maybe 3 days a week for one meal (about 2 tablespoons). I was alittle peeved to find out I've been so cautious, at least I thought, but I've really been giving it all the time. I was only offering the oceanfish flavor like once a month out of fear.

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No issues have presented... IMHO your okay... my vet said fish even in a UTI prone( non crystal) cat that is not the first three ingrediant s on a wet can is usually okay in moderation( 3 times a week is that)
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Hey, thanks for posting this thread / question Jack31, I've been wondering the exact same thing recently.... I'll just avoid anything with fish in the top three...

BTW, is salmon just as bad as the other types of fish (have noticed this in some of the higher end foods and wondered if there was a difference)?

Thanks again,
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Actually in the chicken and liver flavor cod is the 3rd ingredient--perhaps we should just stick to the turkey flavor and some of the gourmets that have no fish?

NP artgecko--I love when another posters thread helps me!

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salmon seems to have more fat but IMHO would not give it alot to a uti cat ... my uti cat gets fish about 2 time s a month
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ok, will avoid the salmon.... I just don't understand why higher-end food makers continue to put fish/salmon in so many of their flavors (even the mainly non-fish ones) when it is known to be bad for cats.... I can understanding having fish in the supposed-to-be fish flavors (i.e. salmon) but why put it in turkey & giblets? Cheap ingredient I guess...or maybe a source of omega fatty acids. *sigh*

BTW, while reading my uber-cheap Friskies labels last night, I noticed that the "mixed grill", while containing loads of by-products, does not have any fish At least I can keep it on the rotation now....and at 70 cents per 13 oz, maybe it'll balance out the natural balance and EVO costs. I'll check the other flavors I have for fish as well...
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