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Aww baby teeth

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So little Nero is getting to the age where his big-cat teeth are coming in. They showed me at the vet the adult teeth coming in over the baby teeth. I was looking at Nero's mouth yesterday just to see if any had fallen out yet - nope. So I kept reading my book and all of a sudden my arm was a play toy He was gnawing on me, kicking me with his feet, and just all out curled up attack cat on me!

Then I see some blood, and figured he bit me too hard. Nope! One of his cute little kitten teeth was stuck to my arm sideways. So now I have one of his kitten teeth and one of Monte's (he lost his when he ran off with my calzone crust!!) in little baggies. Never had any of Katina's.

I found it cute, my friend said it was cute in a morbid way My little kitten is growing up!
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I was never able to find my other cats baby teeth, not even the bobcats, but I have all of Carmelo's. I have them in a plastic bag too
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Oh you lucky things!. I was on my hands and knees looking for my cats teeth, especially Jack's when one fang was ready to drop out. It was there one weekend and away after a few days
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Have never come across any of my kits teeth, not a single one...
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