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Litter box tipped on Topaz

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I hope this doesn't become a problem.

I changed out the litter today. (I have been ill and hadn't felt like scooping for 4 days). I heard a thunk-a-thud come from the bathroom and find the box (deep storage container) tipped over on her while she was trying to get in. I righted it and apologized. Apparently I had not put in enough litter to weight it.

Topaz began to squat in the shower. I told her no. She left and I just found she used the rug in front of the kitchen sink.

I put more litter in and hope she tries again.

Ari used it later and had no problems. I hope this was just a one time thing with Topaz. If not, I may be back for solutions.
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Awww bless her. Sounds like she's been scared after that experience

I have the storage containers as well for mine Jan, do you have more than one?, and how deep do you have the litter, i have about 3" deep in mine.
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When I had a LB tip over on a kitty, I added another box of a different shape with the same litter in another room. After a few days of using the new box, the old box was forgiven & the kitty to using the old box. You might want to add another new one someplace that didn't bite Topaz in the bum. I know the kitty it happened to here, Molly, was giving the old box evil glares for a few days.
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Things are okay. Lesson learned by me is don't get miserly with the litter.
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Phew! Bijou was worried about Topaz. We're glad to hear that she is OK. What a trooper she is - no wonder Bijou is smitten.
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Holly recently tipped over the smaller of her two boxes. She didnt seem to even notice As soon as I righted it and filled it again she hopped in to do her buisiness. Glad yours was not a problem either.
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