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Iraq'a Minister of Mis-Information

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This website is hilarious...

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It is funny. The guy has quite an imagination.
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I read today that he's been offered a job, by Al-Dubayia TV, as a commentator. They've already hired the former UN ambassador.
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Yesterday our local newspaper reported that an Arab-language London-based paper had a story saying the "Minister of Misinformation" was negotiating with U.S. troops to turn himself in, but they told him they weren't interested because he wasn't in the deck of cards. Did anyone else hear that?
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No, I just heard that he was holed up at his aunt's house, in Baghdad. He DOES need a job, though. Is there an Arabic National Enquirer or Weekly World News?
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Here's the latest from TIME:
The fighting in Iraq may have subsided, but it seems companies have only just begun to exploit the commercial potential of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the reality defying Iraqi Information Minister. Companies on at least three continents are already using al-Sahhaf in their marketing. The Northlands Park racecourse in Alberta, Canada, recently ran an ad suggesting the Information Minister would make a good race commentator since 'a little inaccuracy [makes] a race more exciting'; in Kuwait City, the designer boutique Villa Moda is giving away promotional T shirts that bear a picture of al-Sahhaf and the slogan 'We even control fashion'; and low-cost Ryanair produced an advertisement suggesting that the 'lowest fares' claims of its rival easyJet may be as valid as al-Sahhaf's pronouncements. Under other circumstances, al-Sahhaf might have had a career in advertising."
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Well, you got to hand it to him. He was the only comedy relief available to us in this war and he did a great job.
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Do you suppose that he's getting any royalties, from those dolls?
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That's good!
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