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Purdy My first kitten

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Hey everyone, My name is beth and I would like to introduce my new orphaned kitten Purdy. She is about four and a half weeks old and my very first kitten. I joined because I know nothing about cats because I have always been a dog person . I have five dogs two boxers and three chihuahuas. They are doing really good with purdy. She only ways 8 oz . I took her to the vet and he said she was in great health. He gave me some replacement kitten formula and we have been feeding her with a syringe but she will lap up the milk a couple of times by herself. I am so nervous and worried about her. She seems to be doing good. She even used the litter box a few times already.

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It sounds like you're doing your best. Keep in touch with your vet; there are a number of problems that orphaned kittens can develop, and if you catch them quickly enough, are quite curable.

It's very important that she be kept warm and protected, in a safe place. And you need to "kitten proof" your house, just like for a baby, because they can be very curious and ingenious in getting in dangerous places.
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You are doing good with her.
she is a cute kitten.
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Welcome to TCS!

Just be aware many "bottle fed" kittens have attitude. Since they do not have a mother to teach them right & wrong - they are often known to bite & scratch too much. Now is the time to start working with her as much as you can on biting, scratching, & other inappropriate behavior.
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Hi and welcome to TCS
What an adorable baby.
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Welcome to TheCatSite Beth.

Thank you for bringing little Purdy into your heart and home.
What a sweetie pie.

A caring moderator moved your welcome thread to this Forum where more members will be able to give you feedback about young Purdy's care.

In addition to this thread, please re-introduce yourself and sweet Purdy in our New Cats on the Block Forum.
I am so glad that you have joined us....
this is a great site for people who love cats.
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Sounds like you are doing a great job. Shes very adorable too. I have to agree with WCL though....makes perfect sense to me.
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Welcome To TCS
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Hello, Me and Purdy would like to thank all of you kind people for advice and comments.

She is now lapping up the kitten formula quite well. She will go back to the vet in three weeks for her first shots. She is quite a feline with attitude but she is very sweet. She likes to try and nurse my ear its so funny I try to disapline her but it tickles and its so funny. I have to be a strong momma cat. lol we have a bed in her kennel and her litter pan (thats all that will fit) and she stays in there when we leave for work or doing something other than playing with her on the couch. This is for her safey because of the dogs and she is so little she could get into anything. When we get home all of the dogs are barking in their kennels wanting to get out and she is hanging on the kennel door meawoing too. Really cute.
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Purdy is so cute....
I am thrilled that he is doing so well.

As your sweet boy grows, be sure and share updates and photos with us in TCS's Photos Only Forum in the Lounge.

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She is adorable You will be suprised how fast she puts on weight. My DH found a kitten that was malnourished and overridden with fleas, after a blood transfusion he put on 4 lbs in 2 months
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Purdy is so cute....
I am thrilled that he is doing so well.

As your sweet boy grows, be sure and share updates and photos with us in TCS's Photos Only Forum in the Lounge.

Thank you so much,Just for the record Purdy is a girl. I know this my sound stupid but when she potties how do I know its poop or pee with the whole clumping thing I cant tell. I am getting clumps but I dont know if she is pooping or peeing. I know what a stupid question huh?
I only seen her poop once and I ran her to the litter box. But she staying in the kennel when we cant be with her (because of the dogs)
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Woops....Purdy is a little girl.

I have never cared for such a young kitten but it seems that you should be able to see a different kind of clump with poo...
It would not be as round ad pee I think.

I wonder if Purdy has diarrhea?
Can you smell a poo odor?

Because poo is an important barometer of a kitten's health, you might want to start a separate thread about this.

Pretty Purdy.
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