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Sunday!!! What's On Your Agenda.

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Morning All!!!

Another very nice day here, sunny and mild.

Heading off to my brother's shortly to spend the afternoon and have Thanksgiving dinner with them. We have quite a group coming this year about 30 people in all so it should be interesting to say the least.

I am taking along a veggie platter and a cheese and cracker platter that I throw together this morning. However, there is never any shortage of food and I will most likely come home with more then I went with.

The kitties are good this morning, tearing around the house like banshee's earlier but have settled down for naps since having their breakfast. They have all been promised turkey treats when I get home this evening..

Everyone have a great day
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I am supposed to haul firewood from my folks shed which had the roof collapse last year from snow, the roof is now propped up with a few 2X4's. Some of the wood needs to be split. I am comtemplating faking an injury to get out of this!
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Church at 10am. Then we have nothing really planned. May do a load or two of clothes and we need to figure out what we will eat for camping this coming weekend.

Holiday at work tomorrow so we will do some grocery shopping.
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I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come over, then we'll go to the farmer's market. I want to get a lot of fruits and veggies and freeze them. I'm actually really excited about doing that. I love going to the market.

Once we're back, we'll prepare the food for freezing, make dinner and have a relaxing evening in front of a movie.

It will be nice to take a break from my studying too.
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What movie you planning on watching?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
What movie you planning on watching?
Not sure yet.
I have been dying to re-watch the old Indiana Jones movies for weeks now... maybe we'll do that.
Or my boyfriend still hasn't seen Blazing Saddles so that's another option.
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
Not sure yet.
I have been dying to re-watch the old Indiana Jones movies for weeks now... maybe we'll do that.
Or my boyfriend still hasn't seen Blazing Saddles so that's another option.
Oh you MUST go with Blazing Saddles if he has not seen it!!!!
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Well today looks like its going to be a sunny and warm day here, unlike yesterday when it was cloudy all morning. So far today I have taken a 2.5 mile walk that I normally take every day and I am currently eating some oatmeal I just made and drinking some water. The boyfriend is probably going to watch The Saints game since it's his favorite NFL team today like he does every Sunday so I need to find something to occupy my time with since I just don't care for football. It's three straight days of football around here during the fall with college games on saturday, sunday is nfl and then there is Monday night nfl football. I get so sick of it and the commentator guys blabbering the whole time. I need to go buy some black pants for my star trek uniform for a concert I'm participating in in a few weeks from now. Maybe I'll do that today to get out of the house. I'm sure we'll go eat lunch somewhere again today, either that or i'll be making myself a sandwich and I'll probably end up cooking dinner again, just not sure what yet.
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Morning all!
It's sunny and georgous here! All the windows are opened as well as the door to the deck so that the kitties can get some fresh air before we are closed up for the winter.

We are having great friends over for brunch today and after that is anyones guess. Maybe just enjoying the beautiful day...
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Looks like its going to be a nice day here, sunny and breezy but nice and cool. Thinking about taking the dog for a walk but since its Sunday not sure if I want to, people around here like to leave their dogs off the leash which tends to result in conflict. Might finish cleaning up the yard, it's my first fall living in an area that has trees that lose their leaves so I kinda want to wait to clean them up until they're all off the trees, just so I can see how deep they get
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Nothing much today. I have a pot roast in the crock-pot and I'm doing a little laundry. I can't go anywhere really since Riley is on a strict force-feeding schedule every few hours.
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Good afternoon

It's yet another dreary day here...been dreary and rainy since Thursday afternoon. We went and picked up another side job for Rob this morning, then dropped it off at the shop. Of course he left his keys in the trunk key hole on our car, which wasn't the vehicle we brought! Then we stopped at Wal-Mart to get a few more gallons of water for the fish tanks to top them off. We had our gallon refill jugs, and I told her they were refills, but she scans all 3 and tries to charge me $2.36! I told her they were refills, not new, so you don't scan them - you enter a code. Once all that was done, it was only $1.

Then we picked up 2 more fantail goldfish for our tank, to hopefully get it started up better this time. (Last time we got 4 and that was too many to start with - they died of ammonia poisoning ) Stopped at Italian Bistro and picked up a pizza for me and Hong Kong for general Tso's chicken for Rob. We've both got lunch for tomorrow

He's outside looking at a guy's truck, and I'm in here surfing the internet and reading "The Fourth K" by Mario Puzo Going to cook a pork loin for dinner tonight since I finally have 1.5 hours to spare!
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Well most likely they warmest day left of the year today-temps were about 80F. A bit breezy too so I did another load of laundry for the clothesline.

Then we finished installing grid #8 of 9. We will not have enought beadboard left to finish and have to drop more off to get milled. Which is okay as we have lots of nail hole patching and the crown molding and trim boards between the grids. Plus the painting-which I hope to start in November.

I rammed my big toe into something this morning and the nail at the tips hurts a bit-grrrr.

Thought we were going to BIL's tonite to pick up some cherry saw logs (and out to eat) but I guess not-so supper in undecided-nothing unthawed.
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work work work im not excited but I only have 2 hours left yippy
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Well today is my birthday so I went to my sister's and we cooked out. My bil had a friend there that was helping him work on his car. Its too bad he's engaged he's cute and nice too. But if I date one of my bil's friends I have to see more of my sister and hear her mouth and she drives me crazy as it is. We had a good time though I sat out with the men while they were working on the car most of the time. I love being around when people are working on cars and farm equipment. What can I say I am still a tomboy. And I loved on my sister's neighbor's cat who lives at my sisters.
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I spent much of the day sleeping and reading. I had several books on request at the library, some where I had been something like 128 in the queue. Of course while I'm already reading a really thick book, 2 of my long awaited requests came in, and I can't renew them to extend the time because others have requests in for them too!

I got out of bed finally around 6pm, had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, and am now doing laundry. One load is in the dryer and one nearing the end of washing.

After laundry is done I'm going to have a nice long hot shower and then go to bed and read some more.
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I spent all day today at the hospital with my family. My niece had my little great nephew, Brayden today
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