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Decreased Appetite... I'm Worried...

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My Ragdoll was at the vet's a few weeks ago for a check-up of his breathing. (The vet said Simon's breathing sounds fine, as he as equal air coming from his nostrils.)

My concern now, though, is that Simon's not eating like he was before. He turns nine-months-old on May 1st. Can a cat's metabolism slow a bit by then? He doesn't eat as much dry food as he was before, and he even leaves portions of his canned food, too.

I cannot tell if he's losing weight and am hoping for some answers before jumping the gun and running him to the vet again. I've noticed his decreased appetite for about 1.5 weeks now.

My husband and I both work full-time, though we were off with Simon for over two months; so he got used to us being around all the time. If he is eating less because of loneliness, I'd have thought his appetite would've decreased weeks ago (I've been at my current job for six weeks now).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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I know when my kids hit a growth spurt they eat up a storm and then they cut down on eating when the growth slows. Now these are human kids and it may be different with cats.
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Metabolically cats do slow down, but not till their senior years. I would be concerned (if he is up to date on vaccinations) that he has some sort of mouth problem working.
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i was wondering if it would help if:

1. You add more varieties to Simon's diets. i constantly have to change the varieties of the Fancy Feast canned foods that my babies eat.

Daisy's appetite reduced for several days at one point. She used to really like the Sardine, crab and shrimp flavor. i added more varieties, and now, she flips over shrimp and fish flakes and grilled chicken. (i keep about 7-8 varieties now.) She gained back her appetite after i added different varieties. i guess she was just tired of eating the same type of food.

2. Whenever you have the chance, could you play WITH Simon? i was thinking of interactive toys. Those toys are the BEST as it really give your kitty and you a chance to BOND! Oh yes, those grooming sessions are great for bonding as well (i take my time, and always brushing/combing their hair very gently and lovingly.)

3. Include vitamins in Simon's meals. Whenever i feed my babies with wet foods, i add in their vitamin supplements.

Otherwise, i think a vet appointment sounds like it is in order.

Take care of you and hugs and kisses for Simon!

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The way you can tell if there is a weight loss is simple. Get on a scale with Simon - note the weight-then step on the scale without him and note your weight.

Finally subtract your weight only from the combined Jenk/Simon weight and there you have Simon's weight.

That way you can keep an eye on him without having to take him to the vet to get weighed.

Good Luck
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