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I locked my baby out in the cold!

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It seems to take forever to get out the door when I go anyplace since I have to count six noses before I leave, just to make sure I haven't shut anybody in a closet or the office. Tonight when I went to work I had seen all six kitties and only had to toss Miss Patchwillow back into the living room twice when she tried to sneak out the door with me.

I worked half a shift and got back home at 1:45 AM. I got a bit of a shock when discovered I had locked Lion in between the front door and the security screen door! I'm really glad I wasn't on for the whole night. My poor baby would have been stuck out in the cold for another 6-7 hours. Tonight is the first night it's gotten really cold, down to 40 degrees now and will probably be colder before morning. (Hey, I live in Arizona. Anything below 70 is considered cold).

He doesn't seem to be any the worse for wear. All he wanted to do was get back inside so he could play with the other kitties.

Guess I'd better start doing more than just counting noses when I'm leaving the house.
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The first week we had Kiwi (she was only 6 weeks) I accidently shut her in the fridge. haha. I didn't even know she had darted in there. Luckily I heard her crying, and rescued her. Good thing cats are resillient by nature to put up living with us human folk. hahaha.
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Aww, he probably settled in and snoozed there while you were gone to survive the "cold" (Im in Wisconsin, 40 degrees is shirt sleeve weather, lol)
It is a good lesson for us to be very carefull though. My kity got out last week when I was leaving for work, didn't even see her as its was early morning and still dark out. My folks (temporarly staying with them) were out doing yard work later that afternoon and here she comes strolling up the yard. Im am so glad she came back, I live in a wooded area and it would have been next to impossible to find her, or something could have gotten her. Now that she got a taste of freedom she is like a bullet fired at the door if anyone opens it!
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i've actually done that twice, w/2 different cats! once w/Cable & once w/Firefox. however, i was home at the time, so i investigated when i heard crying. both times were when they were kittens. i don't think Chip, Pixel or Cable [now] would even fit there. Java & Firefox still would, tho - they're my 'model-thin' cats.
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Lion is just 7 weeks old. There is about 6" between the screen and front doors, so he had plenty of room to move around. I was gone for 7.5 hours, and I suspect his biggest complaint was that he was lonely.

He's definitely not mad at me. When I got home from church today he was the only one who came running to greet me. All the other kitties were sleeping.

Maybe if I act like nothing happened he'll never figure out I was the one who locked him out in the cold.
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