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Daphne Fetching

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Here is a really short video of Daphne playing fetch. The quality isn't great but I tried

Please excuse the messy apartment

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OMG! That is soooo cute! Maia is also a fetcher! I have pics of her when she was a tot fetching her toys running back to me with them hanging out of her mouth!

Now at 2 and 1/2 years old, she gets very demanding when it comes to playing fetch! She will chirp and meow at me to throw her favorite toy till I do!
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both milo and shinobi are fetchers too. always up and down the stairs for some reason though!
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you gotta love cats playing fetch.

and oh may, she looks very different from the skinny little kitten trying to stand on her head.seems so long ago

the video looked fine
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aww don't you love when they do that? hehe though I notice they always try to put it alittle farther away when they bring it back.....
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Awws! That is so awesome!! My Ringo is not a fetcher at all...she's more of I'm going to hide this kind of cat. Haha! One of my professors has a cat that fetches, though. He always has his grad students over for dinner at the end of every semester and one of his cats always chooses someone to sit by and stare at when we are eating. The first time I saw this I thought that he was begging for a bit of chicken or something, but he was waiting for someone to crumple up their napkin and throw it for him!
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Awww Daphne, you clever girl!
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Love the fetching kitties! Maia is too darned cute in those photos.

Thanks for letting me share. No one in my life really "gets it".
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Don't worry, we fully understand
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Oh that's so much fun!! My baby Wukong used to want to play fetch occasionally. I was completely amazed the first time he did it.
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