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Pictures of the kittens!

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Here are some new pictures of Mimi's kittens. They are 16 days old! Enjoy!

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I how she holds them, they are all SO cute, I always want to squeeze the babys up to my face. Nuzzle, Nuzzle.
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wow that one kitten is HUGE!!! they are sooo cute!!!!!
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So cute!! The baby is big for being just 16 days old! Just love the pics!!!
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Very sweet! I like how she has her arms protectively on them so the camera can't get them!!
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The big baby is Chaos. He is 11 inches long! He weighs 12 ounces already! Zues and Isis are 10 inches long and weigh 10 ounces! Everyone that see's them can't believe how huge Chaos is! I am keeping Chaos and Zues. The Siamese is going to be living with the Manager of my local PetsMart. The babies beat each other up and attack Mimi's whiskers!

I will take more pictures tonight!
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They are soo precious!!!
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awww more pics!!! I don't know how much my guys weight. I measured stormy and she is just over 11 inches, nimby is right around 11 and blizy is only around 9 1/2. We both have some BIG kittens!!
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Those measurements were from day 14! I just measured them again and they are all a whopping 13 inches! Chaos is 13 ounces, Zues and Isis are 12 ounces!

Val, you are going to have some big kitties!
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Glad to hear that you are keping 2 of them and that the other will have a good home
What a good mommy kitty she is

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Mimi is very attached to her babies! If they cry, she is there in a heartbeat. The kittens, and herself, are always very spotless. She cleans them all the time! I wonder how she will react when Isis goes to her new home? Will she be sad?
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They're absolutely precious!
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Thanks Jenn!
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Wow! They're SOOO CUTE, and she looks like a VERY VERY good mommy
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Cutie kitties .
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