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I love drop traps (and I feel really bad)

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Bit of background - I feed and TNR ferals at DHs work (which is similar buildings/size wise to a university campus). There's a lady who feeds in one area, and I feed not far away, and I check which kitties are hanging at her area regularly since my kitties wander to her area. She is a friend, and we talk regularly since she doesn't have time to trap, and she keeps me up to date on which kitties are about.

Last night I was in her area, and noticed one of the kitties had a bit of a limp, and I thought it was the momma kitty (Kacey) who lives in my area, but feeds at both areas (). I talked to the other lady and she said the regular one she feeds and is already spayed (her name is May) has a bit of a limp.

So I got a drop trap so if it was Kacey I could get her, and keep her quiet until Monday when I could get her spayed and her leg checked out (I think her remaining kittens have died ). I put it out, and saw May, and realised it was her I saw last night, but figured I might as well try and get a kitty anyway to be neutered on Monday.

We saw a kitty approach, and it walked straight up to the food with no hesitation. I pulled the stick, the trap dropped down and voila - one kitty! It was so easy. Unfortunately it wasn't Kacey, or the tortie she hangs out with.

There's been 3 tabbies hanging around, 2 of which I trapped a bit over a week ago, and this looks to be the last one, so that's good. Getting her (she has a girly face) from the trap to the cage was a bit of a challenge and she scraped her nose against the netting. Poor thing now has a scraped up, bloody nose It's not bleeding as such, just rubbed raw.

So I felt bad enough about that. Then I realised just now that the shelter is closed on Monday for Columbus Day, so I can't take this kitty in until Tuesday! Poor thing has to hang out in the recovery cage (which is a decent size, but not the outdoors she's used to) for 3 nights!

It's cold and windy out, so at least she'll be warm and well fed...
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Oh and I went to put food down at my area afterwards where I know Kacey and the tortie live, even though I only see them at the other feeding area, and they were both sitting in their area, side by side, waiting for me to feed them. Ratbags.

They must have known I was trapping at the other area
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