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Anybody else listening to Cousin Brucie?

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It's Saturday night with Cousin Brucie on Sirius radio! I haven't remembered to turn it on for quite a while, since I'm not on the road on Saturday night much anymore.

If you don't know who Cousin Brucie is...well, sorry, forget it!
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nope dont know, and not paying to listen to the radio.
if i spent more time in the car, it would maybe be worth the cost.
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I only heard of cousin brucie through Howard STern, and only snippets and I think an interview once. What station is he on? Is it only saturday? Is he a DJ playing music, or a talk guy?
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Cousin Brucie is an old-time top 40's DJ who now does a couple of shows per week for Sirius radio.

Cousin Brucie

Here's the blurb for his Saturday night show:

Saturday night

And, actually, you already pay for radio. You just pay for it with time, instead of money. You listen to advertisements, instead of the songs you want to hear. Satellite radio was originally pitched to truckers, because so often we can't find anything to listen to, but it's standard on many new cars.

Currently, in addition to their regular music programming (69 channels on Sirius), including everything from 50's to the latest hip hop, reggae to classical, CBC1 to country outlaw, they have a whole channel right now for continuous AC/DC (in honor of their first new album in 9 years), a continuous Grateful Dead channel, an all-Beck channel for a few days, etc.

And I can listen to NPR, ABC news, Fox news, CNN, CNN Headline News, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBC (where I hear "As It Happens"), and about 60 other non-music channels.
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I have my sirius in the car and in my house. All of my radios are tuned to the sirius recieving station, so I go from room to room without missing anything. I listen to the news stations and talk stations mostly, but I could listen to sports, music, anything that is anywhere on any radio, you can get on this radio. I love it. I have not listened to regular radio since I got this 2 and a half years ago.
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I am about to get sirius satellite soon, so I'll check it out. Thanks!.
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