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I did call the sherriff

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There is not much they can do. The knives were not essentially stolen, "she" acted as our agent, and since we were not there to safeguard our knives, there is little or nothing they can do. The deputy was bummed though, Mike is well-known in the department and may of the law-enforcement people own one of our knives. In essence, I was told we were swindled, and we should count our stars it wasn't for more. Want to hear a kicker? When we went over to get our table from her, she had one of our custom knives on her table that is worth $225.00 and she had a price tag on it at $35.00!!!! Guess we now know what she thinks of our "quality work!" I am so sick at heart, and now no longer trust in people. Thanks to those of you who emailed me on this fiasco. This will be my last posting about this subject. Mike and I are just going to put this behind us, be a little bit wiser now and go on with our lives. But the deputy did agree that something smells
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Did I miss something here? What happened??? I haven't been at the catsite all weekend due to alot of running around and cleaning. Please, fill me in.

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What happened this weekend was included in the daily thread link for May 26th....Thursday, a friend (I now use the term loosely) contacted us to tell us she was having a yard sale this weekend, and did we have a table or two she could borrow? We did, and then she asked if we had anything we would like to sell at this sale. After talking it over with Mike, we decided that we would send along with her, about 30 pocket-knives with the prices clearly marked on each blade. plus, some ratty old knives that we were selling for anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 the reason being that the pins were missing, and these knives would maybe last someone a week before they broke apart. There were about 20 or so junk knives in a seperate box from the good ones. Plus, we left with her 10 of our custom-made hunting and filet knives.

So, I take all this over and leave them with her. On Saturday, I called her about 2:00 to see how her sale was going, and she informs me that she has sold ALL our knives for $60.00! Now, the value of the good knives was $350.00 at least! I am flummoxed, all our beautiful pocket knives for $60.00? Afraid of what I will say to her, I just hang up.

I went to talk to Mike and he said maybe I "misunderstood" her and she sold the junk knives for that price, so I called her back, and this time she tells me she sold them for $80.00! I won't repeat the rest of that conversation, but Mike left right afterwards to go over there and confront her. When he got back, he told me she had sold all our pocket knives- junk and otherwise for $80.00 but she had given him $100.00 in cash when he pressed for answers as to why? Also, one of our custom knives, a special design that Mike designed for long-netters in Newport, had a price tag on it of $35.00! I am still so mad, I can't look this woman in the eyes. Supposedly, she does not know the man who bought all of these, and we now question her honesty. I guess we will never know what really happened, but I do know that this was a memorial day for us this weekend, and it has destroyed a friendship that once I treasured.
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I'm so sorry Hissy...this shouldn't happen to someone with as big a heart as yours. It's a shame, but just one of those tough lessons in life. I think you are smart to just try to put it behind you, try to see it as a lesson in how much to trust people. It hisses me off that someone could treat tou like this!

Love ya!
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Im sorry you had to go through all of that. It really brings truth to the saying "live and learn". Please do not be upset about the friendship. If your friendship was worth anything to this woman, this never would have happened. Just try and tell yourself that what goes around comes around. It is her that will be missing out on the support and friendship you have to offer.
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I'd be pretty upset too. But Sandy is right. If she was any kind of friend, this wouldn't have happened. Just chalk it up to experience and learn from it. It's really too bad it happened. You don't do that to friends. You're right though, something does sound. Don't beat yourself up over it.


Donna :confused2
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Hey Hissy,

Have you or Mike considered asking her for the money that reflects the prices you put on the knives? If she gave Mike more than she supposedly got for them, maybe she is lying to you about how much she made off of them and will bend when pressured. You don't have much to lose. The friendship is already in the trash. What a jerk!
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Oh... What a bummer...

Hope you get over this soon!
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Hissy, I am sorry that you and Mike had to face such a situation. Had you known this "friend" long? It is saddening that some people in this day and age are just so dishonest and devious. It is a terrible thing when those around you, people you thought you could trust, take advantage of you as such.

You know, you could file a civil suit, take pictures of those knives and explain to the judge what happened and try and get your money back that way just to prove to her that you won't allow yourself to get screwed. Granted, it's a big headache to do, but could be done on princple.
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They don't have any money anyway, and so taking them through legal channels is a big waste of time. We have known this person over 2 years and never thought to question her honesty. Appreciate all the feedback, and am glad I could put my anger here and not "elsewhere!" I do have a temper, and this is a small town, and had I not had this outlet...well, I would probably be in hot water right now... Mike and I decided, that if they needed the money more than we did, then they must really be in a bad way to cheat friends. Funny thing is, once we got the custom knives back from them, it wasn't all that much money involved. It was, as you said Meowman, the principle of the matter.
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