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Panera Bread Cafe

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Panera Bread

One of these cafes just opened down the road from me. It's actually the first franchise in Canada so glad they chose a location by me.

It's been way too crowded to sit in the cafe, but Rob picked up some bagels, bread and pasteries on the way home and they were wonderful! I know I'm going to gain a few pounds from this place.

They're also open early - 6am - so I can pick up fresh baked goodies on the way to work!

Anyone visit the other locations in the U.S.? What's your opinion?
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Been to the one in town a couple times. I love their chocolate chip scones (the blueberry ones aren't bad either). Their soups are good... never much cared for the bagels, though.. I'd rather a plain ole' bagel, thanks!
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We love Panara. The sandwiches are HUGE. We've never gotten anything we have not liked We don't go often as its a bit pricey; not too bad tho for the size of the sandwiches
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We love Panera Bread, too.
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I love Panera! What I wouldn't give for a Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich or a sesame seed bagel with veggie cream cheese. We love going there, but have tried to cut back on eating out. We had bagels there last weekend. There lemonade is really good too
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Oh I love Panera! I haven't been there in ages though
I love to get a box of bagels, a variety! Their french toast ones are simply... amazing
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I love Panera too! I like that you can get half a sandwich and soup I love the creamy tomato soup...I also love that they are very good about making nutritional info available and they have options for lunch that isn't full of fat, salt, etc.

I also love the pecan sticky buns that are full of fat, salt ,etc
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Ohh I remember Panera from when I lived in the States. I used to meet friends a lot there - it was fantastic!
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Panera is really good! They're quite prevalent in the Detroit area....

I like their sourdough bagettes! (among lots of other things!)
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We Love Panera too Their bagels are great, their cinnamon raisin bread is out of this world, everything is very good actually, right now I am in love with their tomato soup
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I love the soup there and I get the Chai Tea.
I get Muffins and Bagels also.
Broc Ched is my fav soup there.
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I am meeting a daughter at a Panera for early brunch tomorrow...
I love their Broccoli Cheddar soup with bread.

Sandwiches are good too because the bread is so yummy.
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i love Panera! my fave lunch there is the strawberry/blueberry salad & the portobello/mozzarella panini... of which, the closest current salad is the Orchard Harvest salad - just think strawberries & blueberries instead of pears... the panini is similar to the current Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini, but w/portobello mushrooms instead of tomatoes. i'd like to try the Orchard Harvest salad, tho - i love pears! & D'Anjou, while not my favorite pear [i prefer the Bosc] are pretty good. i'll have to find another sandwich, tho - i don't like tomatoes. maybe the Turkey/Artichoke would be a good 2nd choice?
i usually get 1/2 of a sandwich + 1/2 of a salad.
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My husband and I go there when we are in Davenport. It's yummers! I love the Sierra Turkey!
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I love it there!!!! I have the tomato soup in the bread and a pannini
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YUM! I LOVE PANERAS! It is my favorite "fast food" joint . I am fond of the 1/2 Bacon Turkey Bravo and a cup of brocoli cheddar soup. I stop by and bring the Baker's Dozen bagels on some Fridays for everyone in my office and stuff my face with bagels all day

I signed up for their newsletter online (dangerous) . Here is a breakfast casserole that I must try
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Really a good lunch place, with fantastic sandwiches.

Panera was the brainchild of a couple of guys named Louis, who originally founded Au Bon Pain, up in Massachusetts. They've largely sold out of that and are concentrating on Panera, which is apparently doing pretty well.

Unlike Starbucks, for example, which makes some of its stuff elsewhere and then just heats it up at the store, Panera is known for its fresh food.
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Glad you like it and now it is by your house! Great news.
Their low fat hazelnut cream cheese is good, that is all I am in with there. It is pretty expensive IMO. I am not really fond of their bagels, bakery goods, soups, and sandwiches all that much. The sandwich place I am in love with is Jason's Deli, their bella sandwiches are great and their salad bar is yummy and even their tea is great.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
The sandwich place I am in love with is Jason's Deli, their bella sandwiches are great and their salad bar is yummy and even their tea is great.
i like Jason's too - their portobello panini is delish!
we went to Panera for lunch today. i tried the new Orchard Harvest salad - very tasty. also had the Smokehouse Turkey Panini. it was ok, but i'm trying a different sandwich next time [since they no longer offer my favorite ].
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We both used to work at Panera (separately and before we met). I liked it-- they treat employees pretty well, and at the end of the day we gave all the unsold bakery stuff to a homeless shelter. They actually do make most everything each night in the store (if it's run the way ours were).

I thought the prices were a little bit steep, but then you do feel like you get what you paid for and it doesn't seem so bad.

One tip-- when you order drinks always get them for here if you are eating there. Not because the size is really different, but it's just so much better and prettier in the ceramic mugs.
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OH, I LOVE Panera. Especially their tomato mozzerella salad and their portabella and mozzerella panini!!!!

Breakfast sandwhiches are to die for too!
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
OH, I LOVE Panera. Especially their tomato mozzerella salad and their portabella and mozzerella panini!!!!

Breakfast sandwhiches are to die for too!
the portobello/mozzarella sandwich isn't on the menu anymore
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I enjoy Panera Rob used to call it Pantera bread because he said Panera sounded too girly I like their soups and some of the breads!
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I heard about that - I bet it will be's the best.
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We have them here, but I've actually never been to one. I don't like bagels and I'm pretty finicky really about breads, etc. I suppose I could try a sandwich once though
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Ohhh Panera Bread is really good.. I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese, & i had to be there at 7, but my bf had to be at work at the same time so he would always take me early. Since I had to wait for my boss to get there at 7, i always went to the Panera Bread that was in the same shopping center, and i would get a bagel... Cinnamon Crunch, it was AMAZING!! i wish i still worked there just so i could get me one of those every morning!
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I am never that far north in Toronto, I guess I will have to wait until next month when the one in Square One opens
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