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I'm so sorry! Poor girl.
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In 25 years, nine cats have come through my life, the first two for very short periods: Chinook died before she had a chance; Percy was a stray who came, and then went.

Then Shasta came into my life, and the real parade began. I could go into great detail, but won't. Shasta was over 21 when she died of old age; Gryphon and Nibs were into their teens, when they died of causes unrelated to the outdoors; Suzy is 4, Cindy and Fawn are 2.

Right. That's only 8. Samantha was Suzy's sister, and she disappeared when she was 11 months old. My heart breaks every time I think about her, and will forever. She was my Drama Queen. Somewhere I have a poem about Sam that I may get around to posting.

But, in my experience, she's the exception to the rule, including a lot of second-hand experience -- that of friends and family and their cats. So, while I chew my nails, pace the floor, and whatever else, when one of my kids stays out longer than expected, I won't deny them the experience that they clearly choose, and that seems to help them be more contented and peaceful.

That does not mean I think it's wrong to keep a cat in. As several people have already said perfectly eloquently, it's a matter of judging the particular situation and doing what you believe is right for YOUR cat.

Someone pointed out that this is a hot-button issue, and it most certainly is for me, because there have been times when I have felt attacked for my stance. In fact, a friendship that began with a common interest in cats, came apart (in part) because my friend's stance changed over time from enjoyment of my cats' escapades to a point where she could not even acknowledge the possibility that I, too, made my choices out of love for my critters. The issue has been costly for me, but I thought I'd try to add my perspective. I hope I've kept it sufficiently calm.
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INSIDE ALWAYS! One of my girls, Princess, goes outside in the backyard with me every evening to water the veggies. I have eight foot walls around the yard, so I do not worry where she goes in the yard. Also, she weighs 17 lbs and wouldn't be inclined to make that kind of jump if she did take a notion. Besides, if I go in the house for a minute she comes running to the backdoor and scolds me for leaving her to the cold cruel world! I chase her around the yard and try to get her to exercise a bit and lose that belly. My eight other kids never go outside. I have enough room so that they all have a window to look out. My house is furnished for the cats so everyone is comfortable. This fall, I plan to have a "sun-room" built on the back of my house where there is already a slab. It will be built partially on the grass so that I can have plants for them to enjoy and a large fake tree to climb. It will cost about $9,000.00 as it is a very nice room with sliding glass windows to remove in summer.
Of course, we adults (Mom and me) will enjoy it too, if the kids will let us out there! I HATE it when neighborhood roaming cats come into my yard and spray my shrubs and doors. It upsets my cats mightly. I feel so sorry for those throw away kitties that no one cares for and lets wander around. I have trapped and gentled two of my kids (Holly and Tinka) and they are perfectly happy indoors. INDOORS!!!!!
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When I had my first kitten as a young child, the adopter told me that I should keep him in the house until he become 2 years old. My mother allowed him to wonder out at night and he returned in the morning. Then he started staying out longer where we didn't see him for a day sometimes. By the time he was 7 years old he never returned home. We thought the worst that he got hit by a car or was caught by a dog. One day when I was in junior high, I was talking to a classmate about how much I missed my cat. She said she had a picture of her cat and showed it to me. I could have burst out in tears, it was my cat, he had a scar above his left eye. She lived about three blocks from me so I had a feeling he wandered in her neighborhood. I asked her where did she get him, she said he always came in their yard so they decided to keep him...in the house.

When I told my mother about it, hoping that we would go to get him back, he said to let him stay since he had gotten older and was probably comfortable in his new home. That was MY cat. She got me another kitten but never again have I allowed my cats to go outside.

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