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Saturday!!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning all!!!!

Looks like it is going to be a perfect fall day here, sunny and mild.

Little late getting here this morning as I was having some problems logging on to the site earlier.

Nothing to strenuous planned for today, I want to clean out my desk which I have been putting off for months. I have this huge old desk with 2 banks of 3 drawers then one center drawer. When I move about 3 years ago I never even cleaned it out then I just taped the drawers shut and took everything with me so I am interested to see what I might find..

After lunch I have to go pick up kitty cat supplies and may stop by the used book store to see if they have anything interesting.

Making chili in the crock pot so that will be dinner tonight.

The kitties are great today, I just open the window for them and they are indulging in their favorite pass time squirrel watching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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My mouth is still a little sore from my dental surgery yesterday. It's still really weird to eat and I haven't had anything much to eat. I made some egg salad yesterday and had a medium strawberry milkshake for dinner.

I'm going to make some blueberry muffins since those are probably soft enough to eat, and probably make some mashed potatoes. What I wouldn't give for a nice sandwich. My fiance had cheeseburger and fries for dinner and I was dying cause I want real food so bad.

Other than that, I'm bringing my car up to get inspected today then just doing things around the apartment since I didn't do much yesterday.

Have a good day everyone!
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Its an Indian Summer day here. I washed a bunch of outside clothes/sweatshirts and they are drying on the clothesline.

Neil went to the farm this morning and took the "vintage" 2 bottom plow with him-he tried it last night and it works!!

So I have a bunch of spring bulbs to plants, dead annuals to toss and some work in the veg garden.

I also want to wash the car as we have a wedding to attend later today.

Bakker is wishing I wasn't on computer as he wants to enjoy the outdoors!

When I stopped at cat rescue to drop off fundrasing stuff- there were a few cats that I would have liked to come home with me. But I have to drag Neil there to see them first.
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Our horse Tiamo Bella, is in a race today, so we will be there with her

It's a gorgeous Day today Have a good day everyone!
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a great and sunny day for us too!..
I hope this sunny warm can reach to those places where┬┤s the cold begins to arrive!...
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No big plans here, I tripped over stump that was covered by leaves yesterday while taking my dog on a walk so I'm hobbling around trying to decide if my back or my knee hurts worse
I might try to suck up some leaves, the weather is so nice that Im hoping I'll be able to do something outside!
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I have to work 12:30-6:30 and then I am going to visit one of my fiance's co-workers that had a baby a few days ago and then we are going to a fair.
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It's a beautiful fall day here. I don't want to stay inside to clean but duty calls. I will however take advantage of the cool change and go for a run in the neighborhood park first. Tonight I have no idea. I would love to go to the fair but I'm afraid my SO will be too tired from work and will wanna stay local.
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I worked 20 hours straight yesterday (lots of emergency surgeries last night) so all I plan to do today is rest. I just don't bounce back as quickly after a long night of work, like I used to. I had planned on working in the yard and planting tulip bulbs, but maybe that will happen tomorrow, or even next weekend. The hockey game is on at 7 pm tonight, so I'll probably watch that (if I'm not already asleep!) Man, the economy needs to improve, so I can think about retiring....I'm getting too old for that crap!
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Going to do some cleaning today. Feeling a little sick (pregnant!). Also need to work on Xmas presents. I make most of the presents I give that's why I have to start so early. Crochet and paintings to do.
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It feels like summer today. Highs in the mid 70's. I just got home after working 7:30-12:00 today. I am not sure what I am doing for the rest of the afternoon. I am going out for karaoke later with a friend. He is picking me up and my hubby is meeting us at the bar after the MU Tigers football game is over. We may end up running some erands later or I may take a nap before I go out tonight.
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Its supposed to be cloudy here all day. I wish it would just rain instead. I don't think I really have anything planned. We're about to go grab lunch from somewhere though, we aren't too sure where yet. I'm planning on cooking dinner later but I haven't picked out what I want to make as of yet. The boyfriend has a football game at 5 though, so I might get a little cleaning done around while he's gone. I already did some laundry earlier this morning so I don't have to worry about that at least.
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I just flew back in from Michigan last night. So today I'm unpacking, doing laundry and I have to go get groceries and restock my fridge. That will probably fill my day fairly well! Then tomorrow I get Mason for the day!
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Today I need to find a big toy box for all of Masons toys. I need to pick them all up. I need to finish the grocery shopping and I am taking Mason to a birthday Party for a friends little boy.
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Its a beautiful unseasonably warm fall day--80 degrees in southern Ohio. I had some work in the box turtle pens to do this afternoon and I need to head to the petstore--maybe I'll take Jack with me. Hubby and I have a wedding to attend tonight so need to buy a card and gift card for that as well....

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Well, today we got our haircut, went out to lunch, had our pictures taken for the new Church Directory, and went to LOWE'S. Just gonna chill out tonight..
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