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So yesterday morning Holly is howlin and howlin, like nothing we've ever heard. We run into the kitchen and her paw is caught under the washing machine!

At first when I heard her cry I thought maybe she found a mouse (none exist here though) but she qas twisted under the machine funny. I guess she got her claw caught in a hole on the underside on the washing machine (which we have never used). How? No idea.

Only Holly would find such a spot to get stuck It was kinda scary at first, but she is ok.

What unusual spot has your cat gotten stuck?
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I got back from the grocery store around the corner a few days ago to find Mack stuck on the sixth shelf of one of the bookcases. NO idea how she got up there, because it's totally isolated from everything else, and there were no signs that she'd clawed her way up there... but she certainly didn't want to jump down.
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When I first moved down here, before I let Mai Sai out, he got caught between the door and the storm door, standing up. I felt so bad, it took me almost 20 mins to find where the crying was coming from. I didn't even think he could fit there lol I know he couldn't now....
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Abby used to get her claws twisted up in the rug. It happened a few times while I was at home, and I worried that it would happen when I was out and she would be stuck there or rip her claw out in a panic to get free.

So I started to trim her nails even shorter than I had. Ever since then she doesn't get caught in things.
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Many years ago I adopted a shelter cat and named her Midnight. (After 13 1/2 years in our home, she's at the Rainbow Bridge now.) After Midnight was in our home for just a few days, she was sitting in an open window and enjoying the fresh spring air. Suddenly the window slammed shut right on Midnight's paw. She started screaming and struggling to get free, at once I ran to her and got the window open again. Midnight wasn't hurt at all, but I hated to think that it might have happend after I went to work.
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Belle got her claw stuck in a TINY hole in my closet door. It took 3 of us to free her because the hole was SOOO small and she was in a panic.

Flower got herself wraped up in the pull string to are blinds. She got it warped arround her neck, legs and body. I was scared bacause it was arround her neck so tightly and I had a hard time getting it undone with her wiggleing arround. Right after I got her all untangled she went right back to playing with them!! I now have all the pull strings up out of reach of kitties.
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Awwww - poor baby. I'm glad she's all right!

Back in the days before there was such a thing as Advantage & other flea treatments, I used to put flea collars on the cats for prevention. I came home one day from work to find Damian running around the house and freaking out. He had gotten the flea collar stuck in his mouth somehow and couldn't get free from it. I took it off of him & the other cats, and never used flea collars since then..

Back when I was still a kid and living with my parents, we had a cat named George who had somehow got into the attic, and crawled down into the walls. We kept hearing him meowing, but couldn't figure out just where he was, Eventually we managed to figure out where the source of his meowing was coming from, and my grandpa (who was living there also) broke a hole in the wall and got him out. Poor baby. But he was all right, thankfully!

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Cable's gotten a claw stuck in the old loveseats, which she had scratched until they had loops that she could get stuck in the new furniture has a tightly woved canvas cover, to prevent this.
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Shark got herself stuck in the drawer under my bed once, it is full of my bed linen. I heard crying, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from, then overnight I heard and felt faint scratching coming from underneath I pulled the drawer open and saw Shark in between all my blankets!

Daft kitty....she hasn't done it again since!
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-Out of my 5 cats,Princess and Misceif are the ones always getting thier claws(even when trimmed and with softpaws on) stuck on everything!They are also the only 2 who can manage to get themselves somewhere where the cannot get out by themself!!lol
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On the second day I had Lily, me and my mum went out shopping for a couple of hours, keeping her shut in one room with food, litter tray, water etc so she wouldnt get into any tricky situations in her new surroundings.... of course that didnt work!

When we got home we were looking all over for her, calling her name etc and we just couldn't find her for ages, we were both crying because we couldnt understand it. eventually i knelt down on the floor and spotted a little white patch of fur inbetween the gap by the washing machine and the cupboard, we have NO idea how she got in there but i had to take apart the kitchen cabinets to get her out and it took forever! we have blocked up the gap now but i dont think she'd do it again somehow!
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I've almost lain on kitties 'stuck' under the covers on our bed, or under the pillows on our couch...

I don't think anyone has gotten stuck in any really strange places though, yet...The baby kitties (when they were actually babies) used to get stuck at the top of our cat tree...Latifah especially, cause she was so little! We'd go somewhere, and she'd be sleeping there, and she'd still be there when we got back, only she'd be took a few times for me to catch on that she was too scared to get down!
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This is definetly a good thread to remind us all to trim their nails!
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