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my cat is wheezing from a cold

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Hello all,
my cat got a cold last month and the Clavamox seemed to be working. The cold has cleared up. However, now she is wheezing 24 hours a day and seems to have mucus in her mouth all the time. She is back on Clavamox with another vet appointment next week. Should I ask for an x-ray? Should I wait a week to see the vet again? I am really worried about her. She sounds like she is really having trouble breathing
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I would get a xray to make sure her lungs are clear.
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I would at least call the vet and see if they think she should go back in right away. Something you can try until you can reach the vet is to steam up your bathroom by running at hot shower. Sit in the steaming hot bathroom with your cat for about 15-30 minutes. The steam may help break up the congestion
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All 5 of mine had respiratory issues (ok, a 'cold') earlier this year. All were given Clavamox. The youngest, Bridget, didn't respond at all to the meds and after several days she was wheezing terribly. I was scared to death. It took 3 days to get her into the vet; turned out she had heavy congestion in one lung and needed a different antibiotic. If you're worried (and it sounds as if you are) and your kitty is having trouble breathing (and it sounds as if she is) I wouldn't wait a week to get her back to the vet.
Please keep us updated on your baby.
Sending loads of healing vibes to her.
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fjrmjr any updates yet?
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I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.
I hope they do some x-rays or something,
she sounds terrible.
She sounds like she has mucus in her throat all the time.
When she purrs it sounds really loud.

I have finished the first week's dose of the Clavamox and the doctor said she needed 2 weeks of the antibiotic.

---The last time she ate was Saturday night.
That is what is worrrying me. She will not eat the dry or the wet food.
Thanks for asking
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She might be feeling sick from the clavamox.
Coco gets sick from it and will not eat.
She is on Baytril because clavamox makes her get stomach aches and throw up.
Your needs to eat something or she will get fatty liver from not eating.
I hope she will be ok.
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Years ago when one my cats had respiratory issues, my vet told me to do the following----when your kitty is lying on her side, GENTLY pat her rib cage for several minutes. He said sometimes this can help break up some of the congestion.
You need to get some food & water into her; 3 days is way too long for a cat to go without eating. Tempt her with anything you can think of. Check the archives here to learn how to do assisted feeding. Don't force too much on her at one time.
Please let us know what the vet says.
Good luck.
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