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Flower had her kittens!

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She had them this morning as i was walking out the door to go to work. I'm glad I work for my Mom or I wouldn't have gotten to stay home and make sure everything was ok. Unfortantly i did end up having to leave after the 2nd one was born and didn't make it back until after the 4th one was born. I tried like hell but the last one didn't make it. So may little Tigger RIP. But ofcouse the other 3 are doing wonderful! And i had to show off pictures!!!

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Squuuueeeeeeee! You have a cream colored tabby!!!!!!!
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Ohhh nice - cream/white tabby, red/white tabby, and a black/white. Are they all boys?
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not sure if they are boys or girls yet i tried to look but i couldn't really tell... guess it will have to wait a week or 2. I thought that cream colored one was odd never seen a cat that color before. Is it rare?
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The cream is the color my Bogart was.
I have seen alot like that here.
Congrats on the kittens.
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Cream is the dilute version of Red (orange). Just means that mom is a dilute carrier (maybe one of her parents was a blue or a cream) and dad could be same.

Both parents have to carry and/or show dilute to produce it. Its not really rare.
BTW Blue (gray) is the dilute version of Black.
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Now that I think about it the one that didn't make it was a blue one.
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look at those little babies. so tiny
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Congrats on the babies. They are so mini and cute!!

Please give update pictures!
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Wow! Such diverse colors, you're so lucky!
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We think that it is 2 boys and a girl.

One week old. (even taken about the same time she started giving birth)


George.(Curious George)


Flower wanted her picture taken too.

So everything is going ok so far. Kittens haven't opened their eyes yet. I can't wait!!! Flower is still out to kill my cats so they are seperated at all times except when she sneaks by one of us. I am still trying to find away to get Flower fixed so i can release her back outside. Not sure what i am going to do about that. I will get some more pitcutes out next weekend!
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Awww love the updated pics. Jack's breeder will probably be sending me some more pics this week. He's 2 weeks old today. She's waiting till all eyes are open and they look at the camera for those "cute" baby pics Will post updates when I get them

BTW Jack is 5 days older then your kittens He was born on Oct. 5
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They are so cute. They will be getting into trouble soon
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I just checked on them and it looks like Toulouse is starting to open his eyes. The other to haven't yet.
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Wow what beautiful kittens and mom is gorgeous too! How come all the litters I foster are almost always the same color,and I cant tell them apart!
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