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How to become a paralegal?

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What degree or classes do you need to take to become a paralegal?

I am still hammering out exactly what I want to get a degree. I am 90% sure of the Business Office Technology, but I waffle when I think about the Criminal Justice program. I think part of the problem is I don't know what all you can do with a degree or diploma in Criminal Justice.

I like Business Office because it involves working in an office. I can specialize in medical offices. Its a degree I can take anywhere. There are more but thats right off the top of my head.

On the Criminal Justice, I love researching anything, I love figuring out crimes, I have a close eye for details, a good memory on those details. Hubby thinks I have great debate skills (more in real life than online). And according to him I can turn the table on anyone in a conversation without them realizing it.

So he thinks I should either be a paralegal, P.I or maybe even a cop.

I took a career aptitude test that did not help me out all. All the things I am thinking about was the top 4 picks for me. Advice?
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Where I work after working as a legal secretary for 2 years, you can actually take on the title paralegal and seek a paralegal job. It's not that much different than working as a legal secretary with the exception that a paralegal sees clients, bills his/her hours, and can attend court for minor things. All of which I was doing as a legal secretary, before I got a job as a paralegal.

In other Provinces though, paralegal's have to attend a year long paralegal course offered in a business/community college. The course is usually 2 years in length.

EDIT: I just dug this up on the net. It might help you.

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