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Pure breed or Mutt cat?

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I feel that purebreed and mixed breeds cats are both just as friendly;and loveabule! You? Or do you have to be a owner of only purebreed?
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I've never had a purebred, so I don't know. My preference is for personalities not pedigrees.
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Mine too!!!
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I love mutts!! I love everything about them! I would love to some day have a british shorthair and a rag doll, but as long as there is kitties that need homes, it's mutts for me!
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I would adopt every adult cat in the pound if it were soley up to me but since my boyfriend is into purebreds, we have purebreds. I am just happy that he loves cats as much as I do. Any cat is great to me! The cats don't choose to be pure-breds or mutts. I love them all the same, either way they are all looking for a furrever home with loving parents.

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I don't see anything wrong with breeding purebreds (provided the breeder is doing it with the best interests of the cats in mind and educating themselves, etc...). However, if you offered me a Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Sphynx and a Russian Blue in exchange for my two kitties, I would turn you down in a heartbeat! My snugglybugs come from a rescue society and right off the street, but I love them just as much as if I knew them from kittenhood. I think most people who really love cats for themselves don't really care that much, though they may have purebreds, like Ginger.
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and they are all equal to me!
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This is my first time with a purebred.

In the past I have dealt with both ferals and shelter rescues. I love them all, and just like people they all have their own special way of sneaking into your heart!

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I always make a commitment to take care of any cat I adopt for the rest of its life. So my main concern is that the cat will have a good personality, and will be compatible with the rest of my household and our lifestyle.
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We have 3 bengals and our other 2 are not purebreds. I have found that Fluffy & Cinnamon, our rescuees, are more laid-back, but are more skidish & temperments; whereas the bengals are not. Either way, I like them all
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Doesn't matter to me... Spike isn't a purebred, but to me, he's the best little guy in the world.
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I domestics! I especially Tuxedos and Orange Tabbies!
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I love my Max so much. I got him from the Humane Society. I wouldn't trade him for any other cat.
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We have a tuxedo "moggy", or European domestic shorthair, from a humane society. I grew up with purebred dogs and cats (had an Applehead Siam ("Thai" in Europe) for 23 years,in addition to several stray alley cats, a Dalmatian, Beagle, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, Airedales and Black Labs - generally 2 - 5 dogs at any given time, and at least 1 cat), but most of them were from the SPCA, and once I was "out on my own" I decided that any pet I had would be from the "pound". My family now only adopts pets. Although I find many purebred cats beautiful (Bengal, Siam, Russian Blue, Angora, among others), I find that the moggies are the true cats, not "mutts", and are often healthier than purebreds. There are so many unwanted/unloved animals out there that I couldn't justify it to myself to buy an animal from a breeder. That is not meant as criticism of breeders! However, I do object to irresponsible people who "model" cats with questionable attributes, for example Sphynx and Munchkins. I realize that most breeders are not out for profit, and spend a great deal of time and effort on perfecting their breed, but it's just not my thing.
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