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Kitten Grooming

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Hi all,

I have a 13 week old black DSH kitten. She has a somewhat thick coat so I'm guessing the best way to groom her would be to use a fine comb, aye? Something like this?:

Do they have a good Furminator for kittens with this kind of coat? I'm hoping to pick one up once some extra cash falls into my lap.

Also, during the grooming process, what do I do so the shedded fur that comes off doesn't go all over the place? Should I keep a plastic bag around or something? Dumb question I know, but I've never actually groomed a cat before? = P

Thank ya!
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That comb would work fine for your shorthair. As far as keeping the fur from getting all over, a small trash can would work (groom her on a table). You can dampen her coat a bit so it "sticks" together as you groom her.
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Great, thanks. I watched a few videos on youtube and it looks simple enough.

I picked up a small Furminator earlier today. Tried using it on her but she was in a playful mood so I'll wait 'til she calms down a bit. Is it alright to use Furms on younger cats though? I don't want to tug on any fur I shouldn't be. Her fur is about 1 inch in length if it helps. Still very short.
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