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This little guy was first with me a couple of weeks ago, he was from a large feral colony. A lot of the other kittens we rescued were so sick and didn't survive and Sunny here almost didn't make it either. He was in hospital for a few days, I made them keep him in after he came home from the vets the first time and was obviously too sick to be here. When he was ready to leave the hospital he went to another foster carer's house but now she's on holiday and I've got him back! He's amazing now, he's got a little round belly where as before he was so skinny and full of worms. He loves to roll over and get his belly rubbed like a dog! I've got a way to go with getting him tamed but I know he'll get there and I'm very proud of him!

Sunny cat (the shaved parts on his front legs is where they had him on a drip, he was very dehydrated).
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Sunny is such a beautiful boy. I'm glad to hear that he's doing good. Thanks for taking such a good care of him.
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Awww look at that sweet sweet angel face Oh he is so lucky. Im sure he will fill your home with lots of love
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What a sweetie!
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And a couple more:

He's now out and about with the others, Rosie's not too happy about it yet...

(she's just getting over conjunctivitis)
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Oh what a cutie!
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