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What's your favorite part of a kitten?

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We've been seeing such CUTE baby kittens, I was just wondering what part of the kitten just makes you go "AAAAWWWWW!" No fair saying all of it, we already know that!! I mean like eyes, nose, ears, tail, tummy, paws etc.

My favorite part on the little babies is their teeny tiny ears. They are so little on their heads, it's just too adorable.

And of course, any kitten or cat tummy. I'm a sucker for kitty tummyies!
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Little kitty noses, and the way their mouth closes. That's what I love about grown up cats too.
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The total innocence exuded out of their tiny eyes!!

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Definatly the paws
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Awww Noses, my snubby persian noses are the CUTEST Sam
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....although I think it's their ears, their little noses and their paws.

(I LOVE Spooky's nose - it's pink inside with a black outline - it looks like a litte heart! ...but she was a kitten last summer... now she's just my sweetie.)
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I like the little ears!!! Dh loves there little baby feet
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My favorite part is when they first open there eyes. The you find them all over the place.
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If I can't say it all, sigh, then I'll say when they get up and going how they seemily never stop, no,no, when they walk like crabs. Thats the best even when they get older.
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It's too hard to chose just one feature! I guess I love all kinds of furr patterns. Long hair, short hair, white, tabby, black, tortie, you name it. After that it's the paws!
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That is a hard question to answer...I guess I will say their little eyes are what I think is so cute about them, but then again, everthing is just so darn adorable!
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one of the newborns taken at 8 hours old!
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I'd have to say their paws... and their short little tails!
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Their paws!
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DragonLady, i remember seeing this cutie pie in a game i tested several days ago.

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It's got to be that short little trembling tail, stuck straight out, as they take their first steps - awwwwwwww!
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Tiny little ears. And their poufy baby fur.
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Paws. No surprise there, right?
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Tongues. Babies always seem to have thier little tongues sticking out of thier mouth. So cute!!! Sasha walks around with his out most of the time

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Depends on the kitty! Excalibur it is his paws - they are soooooo furry - little tufts sticking out between the toes

Pepperpot - her pads of her feet - she is a dark tortie but has pink pads

Sugarly - her toupee - she is white with a black toupee on her head

Gweeky - his mouth - he looks like he has a chocolate milk stain around his mouth

Merlin - really - it is his attitude! Physically - I love his ears - I always want to nibble them!
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Round little tummies and the way that they hop straight in the air when surprised!
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