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I want my king back

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My Story My husband and I went to MLAR in very late January to adopt a cat. Our pet died from cancer about a month prior to this and the house was lonely. We saw this cute boy named King. MLAR said he was very sweet but if we wanted him we had to take his sister Rerun(rayna now). We only wanted one cat decided to take both and we fell in love with both of them right away. Kingston was my boy and laid with me 24/7 because Im on Disability for Fibromyalgia and spend most of my days in bed. I noticed in late May that King wasnt eating his hard food but thought nothing of it because he was still playful and eating his soft food and going to the bathroom. After about another 4 weeks in June he started to make this wierd sound and would run away from food all together. I immediatly took him to the Vet. They thought it was severe gingivitis and gave him/me antibiotics to take for 2 weeks and go back. We went back because it didnt work. Dr High said that is was so severe that at this point he "probably" wouldnt be cured but to try a stronger antiobiotic. (this was July 10) We gave him stronger meds and it seemed to work for a week or two after we finished the cycle of meds. I was relieved. Then the end of August came and he got bad again. I took him back to the vet and this time my vet was on vacation and we saw another vet. She got a little more aggressive and said there was about a 60%chance it would work. She said "its a shame, his teeth look very healthy" "I wouldnt take them all out" which was what our first vet Dr High had been saying. She also stated her "opinion" was that this infection started before we adopted him. Anyway, this vet gave him a shot for dehydration , a pain shot, prednisone and stronger antibiotics. So far I spent about $350 for this infection. He was doing great for about 2 weeks, I really thought this did, he was eating his treats and soft food. The vet said not to worry if he didnt eat hard food. As long as he was eating his soft food it was fine. Around mid Sept King went to eat his soft food and just screamed his head off. It was horrifying. The vet said the most humane thing to do was to put him down because it would be too cruel to remove all of his teeth. She said he could probably last a couple more weeks with more shots but I asked "would that be throwing bad money aftergood?" She agreed with that statement. Rich (husband) took King back to MLAR and explained that we couldnt go through another euthinasia shot and watch another cat pass. It was too emotional for us. I was too close to king to even fo the shelter. Rich went there and explained the whole story. The person at the shelter said she understood and we did the right thing. He came home and we cried together for a good hour and tried to keep it together for Rayna. 2 weeks later Rich called the shelter for 2 reasons, to get closure on king and make sure he went in peace and to find out if this was the time to get Rayna a friend or if it was too early. We wanted to do everything the right way. Rich talked to Megan. She told him that King was still alive and that they removed ALL his teeth. We were flabberghasted. They never called us and told us they were doing this or give us the option to pay for the surgery. They just did and kept him. We asked for him back and asked what it would take to get him back. They refuse to give him back. They got emails of support on my behalf and wrote me a nasty email saying they were "thinking about giving king back but since they got emails there was no chance now" I still have that email. Rich went up to the shelter last Saturday to talk it out quietly and man to man with Bill Smith (he's in charge) . Rich plead with him and told him the whole story. Bill told Rich he promised to call me that night. That was last Saturday and we still havnt heard from them. I am outraged that this place made me take both cats as to not separate the two and now refuse to give me MY cat back without even a phone call or option to pay for his surgery. My brother even sent me a check that is still in my account incase he needed any surger. I deposited it two weeks before we brought him back. I want my cat back and on top of it , at this point, I want him back without paying the bill because of what they did. MLAR-610-933-0606, adopt@MLAR.com info@MLAR.com
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This is sickening! That poor cat has been through enough- as have you. I hope you will get King back soon (if you haven't already). Hopefully, you can find yourself a good lawyer to help you deal with this mess.

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Please don't give up! I would call every day, asking about how king is-if he ate-what he did, yadda yadda.... hoping that eventually they would get fed up and give him back.

Definatly think about getting a lawyer!

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