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Cats Passing Noisy and Smelly Gas

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Since my cat turned 10 she has been passing noisy and smelly gas...I asked my vet and she said this was normal. Does anyone else have a cat that does this? I have had a cat since I was a child but never have had this problem. Mischief is an indoor cat but does go out on our screened in patio with the pool. But she seems to wait till she comes inside to do "gas expelling". Wondering if any of you have any ideas?
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My cat had the same problem until I switched her to a higher quality food. The vet said her system was not digesting the food properly and thats why she had so much gas.
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I am using IAMS with her and she still does it....What types of food are you giving her/him?
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It could just be that her system is not handeling Iams very well anymore. You could switch to Science Diet or Eukanuba. Either that or try one of the other Iams formulas. Have they done a geriatric blood workup on her yet?
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No Sandy they have not....What does that consist of?...I hate to admit she is getting older....To me she is my baby....

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In older cats, its usually a good idea to have a CBC(complete blood count) done. It gives the vet a little peek at what may be going in inside of them. If there's anything going on that you can't see, it can be cought early.
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Thank you so much ...I really appreciate all your help..She still thinks she is a kid and runs all around..goes out her cat door to the lanai and patrols around the fenced in concrete area.....I will call the vet and see about getting her the blood work....Thank you again.
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Maybe the gas is from supplementing her diet on her own. Could she be catching birds or mice on your patio? Or maybe finding bugs and eating them? (My Nell had a terrible smelling litterbox shortly after catching a mouse in the basement. It may just have been a coincidence, though.) Another thought, could she be stealing some human food without you knowing it? That could also cause gas, especially dairy products.
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Thank you so much for your reply...I will follow her outside on the patio and see just what she is getting into....The only human food she ever eats is a small piece of white chicken meat when I grill it....I will let you know what I find out....I really appreciate your help in this matter...She is my constant companion and I think sometimes my hubby gets a little jealous...lol
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I have two cats, and I have never once experienced them passing gas. They have always had premium food, Iams first now Innova. They both get regular hairball stuff, maybe this helps.

I had a dog a long time ago that passed gas all the time, and would look at you like you did it and walk away. We switched him to all natural food, too and it stopped.

The all natual food has less additives and by-products that cats don't need. I find that since using Innova, the poop smells less offensive, too. They also don't poop as much, since they process more of the food. My cousin feeds the same to her cats, and she noticed the same thing.
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Where do I buy Innova and did your cats like it? My Mischief is so fussy that right now all she will eat is FAncy Feast and Iams....She is 11 years old and an inside cat...She still thinks she is young though...She still does silly things....she is like a daughter in the family...

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I get Innova at a specialty pet store in the mall. You can check it out on the internet, as they will tell you who sells it. You will not find it in any chain pet store, only the independent specialty stores. I know they have it across the country, as my cousin feeds it to her cats, too and she lives in Washington.
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Thank you so much....I will check it out on the net......Linda
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