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From time to time I make tutorials on different things. They're video based (flash) and it makes it easier than plain text instructions because 1. you can talk and 2 they can follow you actually doing the task.

I see a lot of new people unsure how to post pictures. I can make a video tutorial for this that would show them how to do it, then you could either host it on your server, or i can leave it on mine. I don't mind doing it at all, and it might help.

Is anyone interested?

EDIT: If you want to see what I'm talking about, I wrote a script for webmasters to display on their websites. I created a handful of tutorials to show people how to insert the code. You can view them here

Also, I go through this quickly on my demos because the people that use my script are already at least somewhat familiar with HTML etc. For a demo on here I'd do it much slower

Lastly. These tutorials were created with Camtasia studio. But i own another program that I use to create them without the voice (using Adobe Captivate). I use popups during the video. I can also add in practice stuff so people can follow along incase it's confusing.

I enjoy doing them so I can do them for numerous items if needed.