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Caught in the act

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OK... ugh.

OK Guys, the coast is clear! Let's DO IT!
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An "Aby" out of my own heart
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Oh gosh, that cute, inquisitive little bugger
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that is so cute
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She sure is cute. No question there. int he bottom pic she looks like a characture of a super hero. With her tiny butt and waist then getting thick up top. Maybe she's one of the Incredibles

It was really sweet too. later on, maybe 30 minutes later, i had taken down the barrier completely. I was laying on the bed watching mom gather all the kittens for nursing so they were all sitting there together. Aby looked up and spotted me on the bed and immediately began crying. She ran/pounced over to the side of the bed and started clawing her way up.

I melted.

gothic~mermaid, Henry is one of the cutest kittens I have EVER seen.
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Aww too cute! I want her!
Jess x
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"Little Miss No Fear!!"

Aby sounds just like Jack with the crying. He still cries if he comes in the room and stands in front or beside me, because all he wants is some affection, bless him
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cant you hear it?

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OMG that is awesome!! I am so glad you got a picture of that. What a character!
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So cute!
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