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Is my cat getting better?

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My cat was diagnosed with what the vet believes is acute renal failure. My cat has been hiding under the bed for days and was not eating or drinking on his own (i was force feeding him). We have been taking him every day to get fluids through an IV to hopefully flush out his kidneys. Today he has started to urinate a lot, i'm guessing from all the liquids he's been treated with. He has also started licking up the liquid from the wet food but has not started eating the chunks yet. Are these positive signs that he might be getting better? He still has some trouble drinking water from his dish and hides all the time. Another thing, when he urinated, at the very end he started meowing like he was in pain. Why would it hurt him to pee?
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I don't know if he's getting better or not....when you take him in for his next IV, mention your observations to the Vet. He/she can give you a better idea as to what is going on.
The Vet will certainly want to know about any changes in his behaviour..both good changes and the meowing in the litterbox changes as well.
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thanks for your response! i'm back to the vet in the morning and I will definitely tell him everything that has been going on. I just want to see if anyone had some thoughts. My cat (his name is PT) just got up and drank a lot of water (well...a lot compared to what he has been) and they lay on the floor wagging his tail. I'm hoping that might be a sign he's feeling a little better too. seeing him so weak over the past few days has been heartbreaking.
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I lost Stormy to arf last Dec.
With Kidney Failure there are good and bad days.
Would you like to join the Crf site?
I just found out my Coco has it last week.
I would call the vet about the pain your cat has.
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Here are some healing vibes for PT.

Drinking on his own and trying to eat are usually good signs.

Urinary tract infections can cause pain while peeing. Ask your vet to check for a UTI. When Furrari was diagnosed with CRF (chronic renal failure) he had bladder and kidney infections. It took a week at the vet on IV's and two rounds of antibiotics to clear that up.
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I just got back from the vet. They tested his blood again so I should find out the results tomorrow. We're hoping for lower levels of the bad stuff in his kidneys as a sign that the treatment is working. If not, I don't think there's much else we can do but love on him and make him comfortable for as long as we can. I'm so scared. On a positive note, he finally drank a normal amount of water in one sitting and licked up two servings of the liquid from the canned food (still not eating the chunks yet though).
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I know how hard it is to wait for the test results.
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Did he get a urine test?
The crying after peeing makes me think uti.
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his urine test came back fine...not to sure why it was hurting him when he went to the bathroom but it doesn't seem to be causing him as much pain anymore. his stool even had some form to it today.
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That is good.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. ARF is very serious and starting to have an interest in food might be a good sign. Crying during urination doesn't have to mean bladder problems, it could be that PT is just feeling so rotten that any movement hurts him. Subq fluids will also help them to pee more and that is normal.

I sent you a PM of a vet in your area that I used when I lived there. You didn't mention any problems with your vet, but its always good to know of another in case you want a second opinion.
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the vet called me this morning and told me that PT's creatinine and BUN levels in his kidneys had dropped 50%! we're going to keep taking him to the vet and have fluids administered and see if the levels will drop even lower. he's also gaining strength and becoming more alert.
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Thats Great.
I sure hope Cocos drop but I doubt it.
I am glad your cat is better.
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Thank you. I will keep you and coco in my prayers. Just keep showing Coco how much you love him/her!
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She still has a Ecoli infection in her bladder.
I am afraid when the Baytril is finished tues she will be in the pan tryin to go by friday.
Most of the time it takes 2 months for the infection to go away.
She is 16.5 and will see the vet Oct 21 at 9am.
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The levels in PTs kidneys have returned to normal! I'm so happy! He has a cold now though, haha. I'll take that over kidney problems though. Thanks for all the advice!
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