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What is wrong with my kitten??! Weird cough-thing

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Stitch, my wonderful 6 month old bottle baby, has been doing this weird cough-type thing for 24 hours now. It's hard to explain...it almost seems as if her diaphragm is spasming or she is trying to get a hairball up or something. It's not a normal cough. She is doing it every few minutes!! She has been eating and playing fine, except just now she seemed a little fatigued...I imagine it is hard for her to sleep when she is continually "coughin". I finally talked my husband into letting me take her to the vet in the AM, but in the mean time I am still so worried about her! And I am baffled on what is wrong and how I can help.
The only 2 "causes" I can think of are 1- I gave her alittle bit of hairball stuff yesterday and 2- she tried to jump yesterday when I wwas holding her and did not get a good push off, she kinda landed on her side and on her feet. But it wasn't form very high.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

I am sooooo worried about Stitch!
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I would take her to the vet right away. That sounds very uncomfortable. If you can take a short video (camera phones & digital cameras are great for that!) and show it to the vet. My guess is that it could be an asthma attack.

Google & check on You Tube for videos of cat asthma and see if that looks familiar. It could also be a hairball...

for your poor little tyke.
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we went to the vet this morning. They think she has tracheitis caused by a virus. I have 4 foster kittens who were sick last week and this week and they tested positive for 3 viruses...that is most likely where Stitch got it from She did not have any direct contact with them but does try to play under the door with them.

I feel so bad for her, she looks so uncomfortable. At the vet she got an anti inflammatory injection and now is on oral pain meds and antiobiotics. I may take her in tomorrow morning for some fluids and because they said they would check on her for free. I am just trying to get her to eat and drink as much as she can and trying to comfort her. She wouldn't eat wet food so I boiled chicken, put it in a magic bullet with water and made it pretty close to liquid. She loved that!

I hope she starts getting better soon!!! The vet also said she could have megasophagus, which I do not know much about, but I hope these meds start working soon and she gets better.

PLease send vibes and prayers for her. I am so depressed that she feels so bad
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Prayers for her.
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Your little one will be in my Prayers.
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