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The garden is really quite good for a nosy kitten to play in. Its my mother's pride and joy (the garden, definitely not the kitten ) My mother has a green thumb, anything she plants seems to flourish. The bad thing is that the main gate is not meshed up, so I cannot let Ariel out without keeping an eagle eye on her. Lucky thing she's more interested in the palm fronds than in going outside
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Ariel's become a real terror when she's wide awake - always biting and scratching. I'm trying to stop this behaviour by either yelling No! and putting her into the bathroom to calm down for 5 minutes, or distracting her with a toy. She understands what "No" means perfectly well... She just doesn't get that she's not supposed to stop biting, only to start again the next second!

Well, here's pix of our play session on my hideous mattress

Oooh a mouse! Nummy nummy mouse......

HEY! What's this? Anudder mouse? Twice as nummy!

I love my nummy mousies, yes I do!

I'm having a headache deciding which one is nummier than the other... Oh being a kitten is tough.

Three nummy mousies! I think I shall faint.

FOUR! Which should I chew first? Which should I rabbit-kick? Which should I wrestle? Oh no!

Is that another nummy mousie you're dangling?

Ariel passed out from the strain of deciding what to do with too many mousies...
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She got into an especially bitey mood, so the best thing to distract her with was a mouse on a wand. She pulled the original mouse right off the string on the second day I bought it, so I tied one of her other toys to it. She loves it all the same, and I love it too because it keeps my arms and legs safe from her sharp sharp teeth and claws.

Finally, the desired result - a tuckered out Ariel. In this state, she's completely harmless. In fact, she becomes rather sweet. She'll tuck herself against some warm body and go right to sleep, purr purr purring her little heart out.

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She's awesome! Great pics....love the "nummy mousey" ones.
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