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Ariel - "Lioness" of God

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Meet Ariel, my latest foster. I actually got her on 1st Oct, but was not able to post as my laptop was down for almost a week.

Anyway, this little girl is around 1 month old. She was a stray, and somehow got herself into a car accident and had her paw very badly injured. A kind passerby saw her and brought her to a vet.

When she first went to the vet, her paw was swollen almost 3 times its original size. The vet found the middle bone of her third digit was crushed so badly that it had to be removed. This left a gaping, bloodied wound which had to be washed daily. This task was left to me.

She was SUCH a warrior - not even a peep came out of her during the painful daily washings and bandaging. Now she's rewarded with a paw that is almost fully healed! She can even run on it, though she starts limping after a while. She has a great appetite for both food and fun. In fact, I am concerned about her having too much fun and injuring her paw further. We keep it wrapped, but she often finds a way to unwrap it.. Silly bugger

Without further ado, here's ARIEL (the name means Lion of God, by the way)... I named her that because she has truly demonstrated courage beyond her years

You can see her paw in this pic... and her huge huge eyes. Pic was taken when I first got her.

Lil stump of a tail

This pic was taken last night. Her paw looks much better, and the wound is now almost completely covered with skin. It is also no longer bloody, but is a dry wound.

Now that her wound is better, she's blossomed into an EXTREMELY active girl who loves playing.

Last pic, an even better view of what her paw looks like now.
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Awww what a lucky girl to have found you to take such good care of her!!! So glad to hear she is doing so well!
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Awwwwww bless that little sweetie. She is so lucky to have stumbled upon someone who would care for her. Bless you, too, for taking the time. Shes a precious kitten. Continued healing vibes on their way.
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So is she a bobtail of some sort or did she lose the tail in another injury?

She's adorable BTW. Ariel (Lion of God) is a Hebrew name.
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Awwww, she is adorable!
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You did a great job with her, she looks gorgeous!
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Thanks everyone, for your comments and vibes. I'd need more healing vibes as well as "Adopt Ariel Soon" vibes I've put her up for adoption already.. I hope her wonky paw doesn't compromise her chances so much.

Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
So is she a bobtail of some sort or did she lose the tail in another injury?

She's adorable BTW. Ariel (Lion of God) is a Hebrew name.
She didn't lose her tail due to injury. A lot of strays in Singapore are born with such tails (either really short, or kinked). Ariel's tail is kinked, just that you can't see the kink due to the fluff of fur right at the tip of her tail

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Awww... I want her. How cute!!! Very lucky kitty and by the looks of it, very lucky Foster mama

Good job.
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she is a poppet! and as the others have said, a very lucky girl to be fostered by you.

she sounds like a really strong character and thank goodness that angel of a passer-by picked her up. i shudder to think of the poor creatures who get no help.

i'm sure that she will make someone a fantastic companion and looking like that it shouldn't take long.

here are tons of healing and adoption for her.
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She's as cute as a button, and she'll be even cuter once she fills out a bit

Lots of healthy coming for her paw
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she is very cute, i am glad that some people who cared enough to help her.
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It won't take long for her to get adopted. She is so brave and precocious! People will melt when they see her! I know I did....she would be coming home with me in a second if I had seen her.
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Thanks everybody. I wish you guys lived in Singapore. Its so hard to find adopters here. No one has contacted me about Ariel yet

Maybe people are afraid that she will be difficult to look after because of her paw. I forgot to ask the vet if she will be able to use normal sand with her injured paw... darn!
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She is so friggen cute! Poor kitty with that paw!
Jess x
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Plucky little thing, she is. She's adorable. I am sending lots of good energy her way.
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She looks like she is smiling in most of the pictures. It is so precious!

I hope you find an amazing family for her. She deserves one.
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Originally Posted by zorana_dragonky View Post
She looks like she is smiling in most of the pictures. It is so precious!

I hope you find an amazing family for her. She deserves one.
Yes she looks like she's smiling in pictures all the time, doesn't she? She's a very photogenic kitty.

I am hoping for an amazing home for her as well... and on that note, I'm happy to say that someone just emailed me about her. I will be setting up an appointment and hope that all goes well. Ariel will probably stay with me till her follow-up vet visit is done though. I just have to make sure that paw will definitely be okay before passing her onto someone else.
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great news about the possible adopter. keeping everything crossed that it will work out for her.

and where are the next batch of photos!
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Ask and ye shall receive! Here are pics I took just minutes ago. Ariel is now playing in my room. She seldom comes down as I'm at work all day, but today I'm down with a flu, so I'm home resting.

Ariel is certainly a typical kitten - extremely playful, naughty, and has a knack for getting herself into trouble.

First, she declared war on the window blinds

"Try some of my Super Ariel Blitzkreig Attack!!"

When she was satisfied that the enemy was powerless against her, she launched an attack on my jacket's zipper.

Her next unlucky victims were various plugs I had lying around (don't worry, I don't let her near any wires or string unsupervised)

"Oohh, something moved!"

Crack on the noggin in 3...2...1...!

Hope you enjoyed!
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More photos!

Exploring the world outside

She's finally gotten tired!


Please don't mind my hideous mattress. Mum bought it because it was very cheap. Besides, when one is sleeping, the colour of one's mattress is of least concern, isn't it?
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oh what an adventurous little madam she is! love the photo with the the plug, ouch!

she is a lovely looking girl, she reminds me of milo cos she has the same long muzzle as him.

your bedding is sweet! she looks very comfy in it which is the most important thing anyway.

her paw looks to be healing really well too. i take it she won't need any more treatment there?
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Oh what a cutie! Wish I could have her, and been years and years and....... since I've had a kitten in my house. Not that there's anything wrong with Adult cats, but every once in a while a want a kitten..
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look at her go, Thanks for the updated pic!!!
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She is very cute
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I brought Ariel downstairs to play, and she had a swell time exploring my garden. Here is the photo evidence:

Ariel the great explorer

Saying hello to gardening tools

Having some cuddle time after her outdoor adventures
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Apparently photobucket is a system that is very resistant to change, so I've uploaded the resized pics under different file names. Hope this works!

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So glad she found you! Such a cutie
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looke like she is doing fine,
and very nice garden to play in
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Awww she is too cute!! i the black spot on her chin!
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She is so adorable!!

And I LOVE your garden!! How nice is that!
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