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Kids Crafts

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Since crafts are a hot subject, I decided to ask you guys for some help:

On June I am flying to the USA to be the Arts & crafts director at a summer camp. I already filled this position last summer, and I would like to come with some new ideas for this year, so the kids won't get tired... And I mean something other than Gimp!!! (which was a huge hit last summer and probably still is).

So - Krafts for kids is the challange - any tips, ideas, thoughts can help!!!
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I think I have a kids craft book at home - I will check for you!

Here is a link for some "crafty ideas". crafts - there is a whole section of camp crafts there!
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Hello Nunny,

I have an 11 year old daughter who does crafts constantly. Some ideas are:

1) Fuse beads -- These are small beads that you make designs with on plastic pattern boards, and then iron to fuse together and make the design hard. Everything you ever wanted to know about them here

Perler beads

2) She also likes to do lacing with plastic lanyard - examples in this book

ps. I just realized I think this is what you referred to as 'gimp' -- oops!

3) She also likes painting on wooden items, like jewelry boxes, plaques, etc., which can be obtained inexpensively at craft stores

4) Just yesterday on this board someone mentioned a very interesting website all about rock painting which I found very interesting...

Linn Wellford Rock Painting

5) When I was a kid, I used to get old scraps of woods and draw designs on them with pencil, and then use a magnifying glass and the sun to burn the patterns on the wood -- great fun! I even would then paint them after burning them.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks for being so helpful!!!

I am writing everything down...

Keep the ideas coming!!!
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I will email you. I taught arts and crafts at summer camp for 4 years in a row.
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wow, hissy, you did?

Then I could really use your advice!!
I would love for you to email me, when you have time...

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Hey guys - Im pushing this up because I still need a few ideas. I need ot make a list by Wednesday...

Any ideas?!?

I apreciate your help!!!
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Here's an idea from a summer camp my son went to a few years ago. The camp activities included boating and canoeing. The kids decorated regular oars with drawings or pictures and then applied clear varnish to the entire oar.

This is the oar my son brought home with him. I don't have a digital camera, so it was difficult to get a good picture for you. Sorry.
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I wanted to add that the oars the kids used for their craft projects were all brand new, and NOT the ones that they had been using in the water.
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