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Job Vibes Needed!!!!

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My dad called me today and said that one of his customers is hiring. He works for a large air conditioning company and services the Department of Sanitation.
From what he said he knows them pretty well considering he is there at least 2 times a month for the last 17 yrs.
He got to talking to the sales department manager and asked if they were hiring. She said they were.
To make a long story short, I sent her my resume and she wants me to come in tomorrow morning @ 9am for a formal interview and to possibly fill out new hire paperwork!

She told me they usually hire from within the company or through staffing agencies but since my dad was a good friend of hers, she would rather have someone she knew there

It's a sales position. Salary + Commision and that they start out @ 40-45k a year! Plus commision.
I won't be stuck in an office all day either.
I will be going to different companies and offering them our services.

I think I will like it...... if I get it

Could ya'll work your TCS magic and send some of those wonderful vibes?
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:vi bes:
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Tons and Tons of good luck vibes coming your way. The job sounds like it would be fantastic.

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Lots of vibes!
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Sounds like a great job opportunity for you!! I hope you get this job.
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If you don't mind doing outside sales, I think it would be great! I'm not much of a sales person.

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Good interview vibes
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That's a pretty nice salary!!
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Good Luck, {{{{Get the interview vibes coming your way}}}}
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Good Luck
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Well, as much as I want to say that I'm employed, I can't say that.
The interview went well (or at least I thought so) but she told me that she would be in contact with me when they made a decision.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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The best of luck to you and and get the job vibes to you!!
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Best of luck sweetie!!
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Hopefully, it all works out
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sending sublimal 'hire Alycia' & 'get the job' for you!
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