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Help my cat

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Comi is a Russian blue male, approximately 5 years old. He was a rescue cat, so his background is unknown. He has been our most wonderful pet for almost a year. He is incrediably devoted and playful, always wanting to be in someone's lap.
That is until about 10 days ago. He is now afraid to be on the downstairs floor. He does anything he can to avoid it...my son thinks he's playing Floor Is Lava...not funny! We have hardwoods throughout our log home, even upstairs. Odd thing is, the upstairs doesn't bother him as much.
He appears to have been frightened by something. Maybe a mouse, or around the same time this started he caught a scorpion on the floor and it stung him. When we do put him on the floor he crouches and looks under the couchs, not moving. To make matters worse, he seems to have given up all the things he loved. No stretching and sprawling...no watching the bird feeder from the bay window...no playtime. It's as if he has to constantly be on guard. He cries all the time, because he wants to get to us, but it means walking on the floor.
We have tried sitting on the floor with him, even putting treats on the floor to entice him. He wants them so badly, that with much pacing and crying he'll jump down, get the treat and then quickly scurry to the nearest surface.
The worst thing, is that he seems so unhappy and so unlike himself...
what can my family do?
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Perhaps a vet visit is in order to make sure nothings causing him pain (in his feet or such). Behavior changes can indicate illness... Otherwise maybe he's just scared?
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I'm betting it's the scorpion sting. He is probably associating it with the floor.
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Well he traveled the floor to get to me...he's sprawled out on my lap and lap-top....he likes the 'puter, but it makes it hard to type! Was going to post a pic so those who were so kind to help could see Comi in all his glory, but can't seem to do it...
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\thanx-comismo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ mmi
sorry, he likes to type to
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I agree that the cat should be checked out if you suspect it being stung/bitten by something. Sometimes it takes awhile to get over the association of bad and the object involved (re: the floor).

After being checked, just give it time. I'm sure your kitty will be fine soon.
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I'm sure it's going to take some time to get over the sting. When my kitty Reilly was about a year old, a hornet flew into the bedroom and landed on the bed. Not knowing any better Reilly went after it and was stung. He was terrified of the bedroom for a few weeks after that, but he eventually came around.

Sending lots of good vibes that your kitty is back to himself soon!
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