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Adopting out only in pairs?

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I was hoping to get some advice from others. I have a litter of 7 rescued feral kittens that I am looking for homes for. They are all very attached to each other and almost always sleep cuddled up in a group. When I separate one kitten, the lone kitten will wander around and cry and cry looking for the littermates. Because of this and because they are so active I wanted to adopt them in pairs. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding adopters, everyone who contacts me is asking if they can adopt just one kitten! One person, I agreed to let adopted one since they have a young adult cat at home. Another person, I am trying to convince to adopt two.
The problem is I am not sure if I should just give up and let people adopt just one (if it's going to be the only cat at home.) I feel that a single kitten would be too lonely and have too much time without company if they are adopted alone but I am afraid I may not be able to find homes if I insist they go in pairs.
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I think that many cats live a very happy live as solitary animals. Jack lived as an only cat for 7 months, we found him at about 12 weeks and did just fine. He never seemed lonely.

It is going to be a struggle I think for you to find people who will want two at a time--two kittens is a lot of work.

It took us 7 months to truly decide if we wanted a second cat in our lives. Being financially prepared for two cats is a bigger step than for one.

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My cat when I got him was a kitten in a pod with his brother but they didn't get along so well. Can't say I blame them it was quite confined but I just had my kitty. He is a single cat and too be honest he is a huge part of are family and has loads of attention. I don't see a problem with cats being on their own as they are naturally independent animals, ours isn't bothered although in the future I do think that I would have another cat. How old are your kittens though?
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The ideal is to adopt in pairs or at least have another pet to keep company. That's why its important to keep them longer 12 - 16 weeks because they will "separate" a little better at that time.

I would adopt single kittens, but let them know that if they don't have another pet, it may be wiser to take two now, or plan to adopt a 2nd kitten in a month or so.

With Ling's brothers/sisters; this is the first time I've adopted out pairs. One family could not make up their minds, so they took both girls. The other adopted the one boy and called about 2 weeks later and came back for his brother!
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I have been telling the people who asked if they could adopt one that they would do better in pairs and why. I know a lot of the shelters here will only adopt out kittens in pairs unless you have another kitten at home...
They are 12 weeks old.
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