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Trouble with spay incision :(

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One of my foster kittens has been having problems with her spay incision...it was irritated so we were doing hot compresses per my vet's advice. Unfortunately last night she managed to somehow open the incision so we had to go in to the vet. The vet said it wasn't too bad and luckily it was just the outer layer so recommended not re-gluing it but she is going on antibiotics, and her temperature is a little high. We're supposed to keep doing the compresses too and use antibiotic ointment. Poor baby... She's wearing an e collar now to keep her from licking it. She's sleeping on my lap right now.
I have two people coming tonight to adopt kittens (they already filled out applications) and unfortunately this kitten will not be able to be one of the ones adopted today.
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That happened to my lucy and it had to be redone because it got infected.
I have been very scrared to have a female fixed myself ever since.
I tell people to fix the girls before I get them.
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Well I had five kittens spayed/neutered at once (3 females) and they all are healing perfectly except this one girl. I still have two more fosters who need to be fixed before they can be adopted out (they were too small to go with the others.)
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I had stripe fixed a few weeks before Lucy and she nevr had a reaction like that.
My Sphynx is getting fixed before I get her.
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