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Bad timing

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I'm going to make this as appropriate as possibe (I really hope I don't offend anyone)

Last night my husband and I were being romantic, when I felt a cat attacking my feet. This kitty (who shall remain nameless) decided to crawl under the covers and curl up next to my legs. When I ignored him, he started nipping my feet to get my attention! Talk about bad timing! I was trying so hard not to giggle.

I always try to encourage my kitties to come to me for attention, but there are good times, and not so good times ! I can't be the only one this has happened to.
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that is why we shut the door and put a shoe under it to hold it closed
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good idea
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Could have been worse - my ex got claws applied to a sensitive area at a most inopportune momment!
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ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always lock the door,just like when I had kids at home!!!
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Cindy, from what you've said about your ex (if I'm thinking of the right one) the cat probably MEANT to do that! LOL

We've only had kitties staring at us. Makes it a bit difficult to concentrate....
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Yeah, Heidi it was THAT one and, if that cat was still alive, I'd buy him a fish!
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LOL All !!!
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Funny you should mention this....last night me and hubby we're also in romantic mood, after we finished undisturbed....we looked up and there was Ash lying at the end of the bed WATCHING.

I hope he doesn't give any of our secrets away..
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I bet the kittys were secertly laughing, I know Wieland is always by my side even if u try to kick him out he runs under bed, then he'll pop out to 'watch the show'. His facial expressions are like we're freaks, and I think he tells the others due to me getting strange looks all around.

I once had a boyfriend who would only be that way at his house because the kittys were too much for him, he didn't like to put on a show as he said. I said it's their house so they do as they please. He wasn't all that pleased!
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My Willie doesn't like his favorite sleeping spot becoming unstable, so he always took off at the first bounces of "familiarity." It was actually funny!
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Opie waits 10 or 15 minutes, to see if it is "safe" for him to come to bed. Buddy just gets up on the headboard.

Dogs are worse. They have a habit of sticking cold, wet noses on sensitive parts. (Mom told me what Whiskers did to my dad.)
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Originally posted by katl8e

Dogs are worse.
I second this!!! I cannot even begin to share my stories related to this subject on an internet board!! LOL! Let's just say Bella likes to be in bed with us no matter WHAT we're doing, and it's unfortunate during those times that she is so huge and thinks she needs to be right next to mommy all the time!
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That happened 1 time with our late dog Storm!After that Ted locked the door!!
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My parents tried shutting the dog out but she sat outside the bedroom door and howled. Everybody in the house knew what they were doing!
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That's great! I can just picture how embarassed they must have been!
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Originally posted by lauralvscats
That's great! I can just picture how embarassed they must have been!
Yeah - as if I didn't already KNOW what they were doing. I had the bedroom next door.
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Hubby and I have been in similar situations more than once. :LOL: Only our problem is that the cats like to go by the window to look outside and that causes the blinds to be open a little. (We have the really long blinds that hang down vertically...I don't know what they're called, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) Anyways, our bed is right by the window so anyone could look it and see what we're doing! Luckily we live on the second floor, so people can't see much.
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I understand what everyone is talking about. Normally all our cats leave us alone so i don't worry if we are romantically involved, but today we were and Twig decided to jump up on s/o's back in the middle of that, well I just laughed and the mood was done! the funniest thing was, Twig wouldn't get off! no matter what s/o did! so I couldn't help but laugh! I think I hurt his feelings! but I couldn't help it! it was hilarious! twig was REALLY hyper today! needless to say, the door is going to be closed from now on!
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