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Guys.. I am soo silly..

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I figured out how to post a picture.. here is my Callie girl.

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very cute,
however from her look in the last pic, i would hurry up and give her a treat ., heheh
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What a cutie!!
I agree though, she looks like she needs a treat NOW
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That is my favorite coloring on a cat.
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Aw - she's so pretty! Tell me there's no such as Torti-tude, LOL!
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Awww... love that second pic!
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awww shes soo cute x
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Very cute!! she so does want a treat lol!
Jess x
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Callie is beautiful.
I love her coat's colors.
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She's beautiful
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Cute as a button!
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soo lovely.......what a cutie pie!...Thanks for share!...
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She is a tortie and a beauty just like my Maggs, and it looks like she does not enjoy having her picture taken just like my Maggs.
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She is gorgeous. I love torties. She looks like our family's cat that we had to put down a few months ago One day I will have a tortie again!
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