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A frivolous question to get to know you all better....!

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Here's a question for everyone: What is your FAVOURITE thing about your cat? (Each of your cats, if you have more than one.)


As a new cat owner, and a first time cat owner, I've had a LOT of discoveries to make.

I adopted Mackerel less than a month ago, and although my aunts breed Siamese cats, and I've spent months at a time living with them and their FIVE cats, I've always had dogs at home and considered myself more of a dog person. We got Mackerel because our new home is far too small to bring my two basenjis (African Hunting Dogs) with us from my parents house, and splitting them up was a disaster- we couldn't even last a week with those sad faces. So when my partner asked if we could get a cat, I said yes... but didn't really expect that much from 'it'.

I've fallen head over heels in love with Mackerel, but I have to say that my favourite thing, my absolute FAVOURITE thing about her... is her purr. It's the reason we adopted her. As soon as I picked her up she started purring. She kept purring for over 40 minutes, while we had a look at some other cats, and then while we decided that we had to have her, and then while we did the paperwork. I love that it's the first thing I hear in the morning and often the last thing I hear before I go to bed. She sleeps under our couch a lot, and often we can hear her purring away down there, just happy about being warm and comfortable. Sometimes when she's asleep on the couch next to me, I'll move slightly, and she'll wake up slightly and start purring- without me doing anything.

There is something just... incredibly lovable about a purr.
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When my cat purrs, it makes my heart purr
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Bumper - his purr and love, my little boy likes to sleep beside me and puts his paw in my hand and purrs all night

Autumn - her absolute trust. she was semi-feral when I got her and completely trusts me now, I can brush her teeth, clip her claws, hold her - anything.

Boomer - his chattering, he loves to talk to me

Scully - the pure look of love in his eyes, he was scared and not in great shape when I got him and we have been through a lot with him but now he plays like a kitten and jumps (all 21lbs of him) into your lap to give you kisses.

Magnum - that he hasn't killed me in my sleep yet he is definitely my BF's cat and didn't take very kindly to me moving in or bringing home more cats, or foster cats, but he has grown to love me
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I like Linus because he's a funny little guy that can always make me laught.

I like Pixie because she's a mother hen and has made it her job to look after everyone including me.

I like Sassy because he's a total cuddle bug who is never far from my side..
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Easy..... that she trusts me unconditionally. That she will give sweet soft kitty kisses and love for me to hold her like a baby.

Tino ...... I love his attitude. That he thinks it has to be his way or no way. That he steals my sleeping spot every chance he gets and that he has to sleep close to me every night.

Kiko ...... that he is the biggest cry baby ever to walk this earth. That he pretends like he cant do anything without you. That he walks across my face when Im sleeping at night, just to wake me up for some love cuddles.

Laura.... that shes a little fire cracker that will put her brothers in their place when she needs to. That she is fearless. That she loves to cuddle every day and make sure I am groomed along with the rest pf the family.

Ducky....... that hes sooooo silly, that he loves to lay beside you and look upside at you. That he wants to climb everything. That he loves to cuddle and love to have his tummy rubbed by anyone that will do it.
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My favorite thing about my cat is how cuddly she is. She'll always stick around if you start petting her, and she always shows up every morning, and every night after the lights go out for her scheduled pettings.
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Punkin. He's almost the perfect cat, except he's not cuddly. But every time I get up out of my office chair, he gets up, too. He has to walk out into the living room with me, hoping I'll "broom" him. And he wants to get attention at certain times. And he hides, waits for us to come by, and jumps out and "mugs" us.

Sterling. He's the cuddly one. Silkiest fur on earth, too.

Ella. She is relentlessly playful with the shoestring, her favorite toy.
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Chip's affection for me [& his baby sis, Firefox]. Firefox's 'sexy' walk - her back feet are ever so slightly pigeon-toed, so her hips swivel as she walks Pixel's murrow - a cross between a purr & a meow, that she only makes when talking to me. Java's habit of meeting me at the door when i get home, asking for 'kisses' [she'll raise her nose for me to kiss]. Cable's beauty, soft fur, & cooperation during claw clipping time.
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I love the entire package. If I had to pick out one thing...

Pooch: The fact that he tries to act all macho and un-mushy, when really, he's a big whiny who loves to be around you. He looks so angelic when he sleeps. I just love watching him.

Luke: How he sleeps right next to me and meows (once) as soon as he sees that I'm up. He rarely meows, and seeing him do that once I wake up is such a warm greeting to start my day, because he is asking for me to pet him and give him all my loves.

Kelly: When she coos and being her playful athletic self. She is such a vocal cat, and she has the cutest meows. Instead of turning a corner normally, sometimes she'll do like a jump/kick on the wall to get across the corner. It's SO cute! Gosh, just the thought of it as I typed that out made me giggle.

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Orianna: I love how every night (since the night we first brought her home) when I crawl into bed she stops everything she is doing and curls up in a ball on my pillow with me. She just loves to sleep with me and I love every second of it!!
Akose: Her meows just rip at my heart. I ADORE them!! They are so tiny and itty bitty When I feed them their wet food in the morning the little peeps that come out of her make me pick her up and snuggle for a few seconds.
Atticus: This cat can use his paws like hands!! I love watching him try to pick things up as if he had fingers to clutch with!! And he scoops water from the bowl with his paws as if to prove his paws can serve as hands.
Kitty: The moment I walk into the room and he is there he rolls over, belly up and starts crying till I do what I am suppose to: Pet/Love him!!!
Those are just my few things I loveabout my kitties!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the way that no matter how bad my day, when I get home and crawl into bed, he will come and curl up next to me, purring...always makes me feel so loved
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I love the way Maggs "kneads the bread" on my belly every night at bedtime.
I love the way Jazz sits on my lap everytime I sit down.
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I love the way that Tailer curls up with me and purrs so loud you can hear him across the room. He seems to sense my moods and is especially good at turning up just when I need him most.

I love the way that Forest is always happy and accepting of whatever life throws his way. He's got a significant disability, but it never slows him down or frustrates him at all. He just figures out another way to get what he needs. His attitude is a good reminder to me.
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My cat Anya is a sweet and affectionate. She chases me if I whistle a song and rubs against my little girl. She's just a big, fat ball of cute.

Isis is tiny and sweet. I love that she is so loyal.

Beatrix is a demon. I love her playfulness.

Black Boy and Black Girl are my strays. I love that they are so trusting.

My cat Buffy was a sweetie as well. I loved that she would play catch/fetch and take the scrunchies out of my hair if it was in a ponytail. She was such a good girl.

My cats are all good girls. :-)
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- When we go up to sleep, he'll jump onto his little corner on the bed and wait until I've shut the lights off. Then, as I fall asleep he'll start purring softly and knead his way to sleep. I call him my foot masseuse
- He always makes me laugh, makes my day, makes my morning.
- For being the friend who's always there for me. Even when I've had horrible days and come home feeling crappy, he's here waiting for me to give me knee bunts and cuddles.
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Tygar: has an extra sense to know when you're sick. She's not normally snuggly, but if you're sick, she's right there beside you looking concerned all day and night.
HoneyCloud: Snuggly all the time and flops over like a ragdoll. Very laid back personality.
Little Kitty: I think my favorite part about LK is that she makes Tygie play with her and they'll wrestle all over the livingroom.
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My favorite thing about Sport, is his frighteningly human personlaity. He was never around cats. He was abandon by his mother at birth, and I adopted him and took him home at 5 weeks old. There were 2 other kittens in the cage at the animal shelter, and he got right up and crawled into my arms. I knew we were meant for eachother. Since they are deaf and blind until 4 weeks, he only knew humans, and he acts very human.
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There's so much I love about Skye. The way she will follow me around endlessly from room to room talking my ear off the whole time. The way she sneaks in between my SO and I in the middle of the night for snuggles with me. Her purr, it starts the instant I walk into the room. The way she gets so concerned when I'm sad and crying. She is defiantly a meowmys girl.
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What is your FAVOURITE thing about your cat?

I'm grateful he does his job in a litter box instead of anywhere like a dog.
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I absolutely love how Kiwi walks up me and HAS to tuck herself in all around my neck / under my chin, like my kitty-fur scarf. That is her favorite place to be, and she won't stop wiggling and twisting until she has wedged herself in there just-so. She even does it while I am sitting at the computer, which makes typing near impossible!
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Tobey is completely adorable. He always follows me around everywhere, drinks water out of the faucet, and he tries to eat like me: he picks up a piece of food by squeezing it in the pads of his paw and brings it up to his mouth. He almost acts like a puppy more than a cat, chasing his tail, meeting me with meows at the door, and plays fetch with a bouncy ball. He also has a "pet" blue stuffed dog that he carries around the house (even though they are about the same size) that he bathes and cuddles and plays with.
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I love that they follow me around all day

Can my cats borrow your cats purr? They need some purring lessons.
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
I love that they follow me around all day

Can my cats borrow your cats purr? They need some purring lessons.
Brooke, I'll bring Butzie over for Kitty and Holly. Purr is her middle name.

What do I like the most about Butzie? I think it started when I saw her at the shelter when I went to look for a black tomcat (wasn't the shelter glad to hear those words). Instead, my little girl and I found each other. We took her home and she made herself right at home. She didn't miss a purr. She obviously had had a home.

The best is that she is just so sweet. She loves me so much. She loves to purr and be petted but her nose runs (it's normal) so I get a wet hand or face. That makes her all the more lovable.

In Butzie, I can definitely tell the extent of the intelligence and the love of a cat.
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