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7 yr old limping..help!!

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I have a 7 yr old male (strictly indoors) that began limping about a month ago. He was crying and acted like he had hurt his leg. Immediately took him to the vet and they did bloodwork and x rays and all that and found nothing wrong. Said he was very healthy..no bone trauma sign or arthritis or anything and concluded it was a sprain. Gave him a steroid injection and tramadol for pain to be given at home for a week. Seemed to get better but is now limping again about 50% of the time. Acts like he feels fine and isn't in pain..just the limping. It's the back left leg. Any thoughts on this? I'd like to take him back to the vet (a different one) but really can't afford another $400 vet bill! Thanks so much!
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I don't know Maybe someone will come along and no more, but he probably needs to see a vet. Many vibes it all turns out okay
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One of ours did this for about a month. We took her to the vet and did the xrays and got pain meds. Nothing obvious on the xrays, maybe the start of arthritis. Whatever it was, it got better and she back to normal.

Sorry, no real help to you, but I hope your kitty gets better soon!
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I would recommend a second opinion to be on the safe side, but hopefully it is nothing.
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