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Cats hate each other

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Hello Everyone

I am new to the site and would like some advice

My Sister Has A Male Kitten `butch' Who Is A Few Months Old. Recently She Introduced A New Female Kitten `tabitha' Into The Househould. Not Sure How Old She Is About 8 Weeks Possibly? Anyway She Got Tabitha As Company For Butch As He Seemed To Get Lonely If She Was At Work And Pined For Other Cats Company (he Was In A Household With Other Siblings Previously).

Now Butch Has Been Bullying Tabitha Mercilessly And My Sister Is At Her Wits End. She Keeps Them Separated As Butch Attacks Tabitha And Grabs Her Like Her Is Plucking A Chicken. My Sister Is Worried Tabitha Will Be Seriously Hurt If She Leaves Them Together, Although I Suspect This Might Be The Only Way So That They Settle Who Is `top Cat' And The Dominant One Between Them!

What Should She Do? Butch Hasnt Been Neutered Yet He Is A Bit Too Young, So My Sister Wonders If She Should Wait Until This Is Done, But At The Moment Things Are Very Chaotic. Any Sugggestions Gratefully Received.
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How old is 'couple months' If it's above 4 months, your sister may want the kitty neutered now. That way his system will be clean 'round about the little lil' miss comes of age and she can be spayed too.

Cats play ROUGH. Now that said, how did she introduce them?
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Welcome to TheCatSite.

Your thread was moved here, to the Behavior forum, so that more members might offer feedback.
There are some sticky threads, at the top of this forum, that might be of help to you.
You can also use the search tool in TCS tool bar to find answers to questions about your kitties behavior.

It nice to have you with us.
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