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Should I take him?

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I am going home for the winter break when this set of classes end. I plan on being gone for about two weeks (maybe three) and I am planning on taking the greyhound down and driving up with friends back up. I was planning on just leaving Mai Sai here (with my room mate), but now I'm wondering if thats wrong. He still hasn't made friends with the older cat, no matter how much he tries, she's just not interested. He isn't overly close to my room mate, but he doesn't mind her. However I find him waiting in the window for me to come home and when I do, he lays down on me feet and won't move till I do. I havent been gone longer then 12 hours, and I have no idea how he would take me being gone for 2-3 weeks...

I guess my main question is, do you think it would be better to take him on the bus (which will likely be pretty crowded), or leave him home? Am I just worrying to much again? lol I do have that habit...
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I think your kitty will be fine with your roommate as long as he/she know how to care for your kitty. I was gone 2 weeks on a vacation. She was fine when I came back. I think your cat would be to streesed on the bus ride.
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Not sure where you are from, but in the USA cats are NOT allowed to travel on the bus (even in a carrier). Nor trains. Check with the bus company but I haven't heard that rule being changed.

IF you are allowed to take your cat on the bus in a carrier, I'd take him with you with food, etc. for the time you are at home.
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Hah, I'm in the same predicament, except my school is a 27 hrs drive from home. Unlike you, I don't know anyone local who will take my kitty in for a month during my break. I'm planning to drive w/him as the co-pilot! Fortunately for me, he doesn't mind the car at all... Hell, he tries to grasp the steering wheel when I drive! Now I just need to invest some driving gloves for him, or better yet have him learn how to shift gears! I will be investing in an enclosure for him for the ride. It's a really long drive, but we'll be taking a few breaks and I will be packing lots of treats!

I've been so tremendously busy w/school, I haven't been able to play with him as much, which is more the reason to take him home for the winter break. Plus, coming from a non-pet having household and constantly yammering about the kitty to my folks, now they're wanting to see the little guy! Our phone conversations went from "Hi son, how are you, are you eating well, doing well in school...etc, etc.?" to "Oh hey you (being me, the son), hope you're fine....how's the kitty doing, is he eating well, is he doing well at home?" HAhaha!

Just hope he likes the cold winters in Michigan!!!

Best of luck w/whichever you choose.
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Yeah, unfortunately, Greyhound doesn't allow pets on the bus. I called around once and most buses don't. I did find ONE, but they said the pet has to go on the bottom along with everyone's luggage. Nope, not happening - that's way too stressful and even dangerous.
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Does your school have a ride share board or anything? Perhaps you can find someone for you and Mai Sai to ride with on the way home? Perhaps your family can pick you up?

If there is no way you can take him, he will probably be OK with your roommate. Be sure to leave contact numbers and very specific instructions about what actions he/she should take if something happens or Mai Sai falls ill (unlikely to happen, but it's good to have a plan). Leave him some blankets/shirts with your scent on them, as well as lots of food and treats for your roommate to give.
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