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Pit Bull Kills Cat, endangers neighbors

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Please all advice or help!

My friend vicki manages and assists a group of
lower income folks in Dale City who have an outdoor
gang of cats that have been TNR'd and are cared
for by the hood.

Last week, some of the neighbors deliberately let
their pit bull out and he killed a disabled cat that was
unable to run and was peacefully sunning on a lady's

The neighbors are horrified, but they are also very afraid of
these thugs that own the dog. They suspect the dog
was let out on purpose. When animal control came, the
cat was dead, the lady in hysterics and the dog nowhere to
be seen. Animal contol cannot do anything as the dog was
not running loose when they arrived, and also no one will
lodge complaint for these "unowned" cats as they are
so afraid of dog owners.

anyway long short - Vicki would like to remove a couple of
cats that might have chances of getting into homes. One
is a lovely siamese cat - the very own brother of my
now almost tame and friendly Frodo boy!

Vicki wanted to take him, but she and I both are overload
on cats - so she's looking for someone - anyone in the
No. Va area willing to take in and work with the cat.

I told her I'd cross post and look for help for her.

The Siamese is like my Frodo - good with other kitties, just not as tame.
Frodo was able to be petted prior to his capture and when he arrived at my
place fresh from the trauma of trapping, fixing and
removal to the shelter, he was fearful boy. But
he is now MUCH improved! Almost he is what I'd call a tame cat.
My BF petted him last night, he no longer shys from my hands at
his head, and in 3 months from the date I got him,
I was able to begin petting him.

Now he solicts pets, comes when called and has learned
that this is his home and a place for safety, food and compainon
ship and ... yes, petting!!! He may become even more relaxed and
friendly as time goes on. I can grap and lift by belly sometimes, so
we are definitely making good progress!!

We would like to do the same for brother cat - who is a pure
looking chocolate/seal point. (not a mixed snowshoe look
like Frodo boy).

If anyone out there has any help to give, Vicki would appreciate it.
She is still grieving and having nightmares about Skippy's horrible

And the neighbors are now all up in arms about the dog... a cat one
day, next a small dog or kid will get it....

I truely wish they'd ban the pit bull breed - not because it is bad - but because there are people like these thugs that take pleasure in
fighting them or perverting the dogs natures to the humans
warped desires. And so many people in that area are not what I'd
call "responsible" dog owners. Sigh. End of mini rant.
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I am so sad to read this, I feel awful for this poor kitty and for your friend. I hope the cat did not suffer, and you are right, sadly if this dog is let out he will probably do it again. Maybe a local ASPCA could help out.
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it is so alarming that pit bulls and similar dogs continue to maul and kill animals and humans, yet nothing ever seems to be done about it. An aggressively trained pit is tantamount to having a shotgun, only more dangerous as it is less predictable. an old man was recently killed by a pit in staten island; he and his neighbors had complained for years about the dog and it owner for being unsafe but nothing was done until it tore him to pieces. the owners now face manslaughter charges.


between this and the revelations about michael vick's dog-fighting ring, you'd think the laws would change to accomodate these situations.

I hope the cats can be relocated/homed, and if i wasn't such a charitable fella, i'd say take up a collection around the neighborhood and hire a hit man for the neighbors.
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The dog owners should be reported to the police. They could kill a person with their dog.
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