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Question of the Day - October 9th!!

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What is one cleaning product you couldn't do without?

Mine is Clorox wipes.... I keep them around all the time, they're so handy!
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Errrrmmm. Soap?

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Dishwashing soap!
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Swiffer cloths.
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
Errrrmmm. Soap?

....Maybe that!...
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Oh would have to be a toss up between Clorox wipes (so incredibly convenient) or Spot Shot (carpet cleaner that works great as a laundry spot remover too!)
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Clorox wipes
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Folex. Great spot/stain remover -- safe for critters.
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I recently discovered the Swiffer Duster and I love it! I also recently bought some of that Clorox greenworks stuff. I like the smell so that would be one of my favorites too. I mop the floor with it. I am obsessive compulsive about keeping my floors clean. I can't stand stuff sticking to the bottom of my feet if it's dirty.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Me too!!
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Washing up liquid.
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Clorox bleach!
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Humm this is a tough one...when it comes to my kitchen, i'd say it's a tie between my Magic Eraser and my Lysol disinfectant spray or clorox wipes (whatever I have around).

Around the house, definitely my Woolite Pod!!!! It's aweseome for cleaning up the messes the critters leave behind! Every pet owner should have one of these, they're really good when it comes to fur balls too!;2EO%2ED%2E
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Ok, if we`re talking household cleaner then I say Flash spray bleach
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I would have to say bleach..with regular dish soap coming in a close second.
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i like the swiffer wipes.. the products keep getting better and better... =]
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I've purchased a box of 20 Mule Team Borax this summer and its got alot of uses!!

Other than that dish soap and the Fuller Brush brand bathroom cleaner!
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