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Need help!!! Re: finding newborn kittens.

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I have a cat who is an indoor/outdoor cat. Our plan was to make sure she would be inside to deliver her kittens... Well, that didn't happen! She was missing for 2 days, she showed up today. We have tried following her to get her to lead us to the kittens, but to no avail. She is currently laying on the porch and has been for about 2 hours. Isn't that too long to be away from her newborns?

And is there any way to track her and find these babies???
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So I don't know how cold it is outside. I would assume she has rejected the kittens or they were stillborn. Check her belly for suckling indicators, matted hair, depleted milk glands ect. It is also possible she could have had a false pregnancy. I would watch her from a window to see where she goes. I would also spay her asap.
Best of luck!
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There really is no way to track her.If she knows you are following her, it will just keep her from going to her babies. My concern is she should be with her babies, so I hope they are okay. If she is young (under a year old) sometimes they do not know how to be good moms and they will just reject the idea of motherhood. Put her outside and let her go to her kits. Keep feeding her good quality food, and provide her fresh water and when the kits are big enough, she will bring them to you- sometimes, they bring them before, but if she does appear carrying kittens in her mouth, and you bring the kittens inside, you want to be sure mom can get back outside in case there are other kittens out there. We had one feral mom bring us four kittens one day, and then the next night she wanted out so bad I took a chance and let her go and she came right back with the fifth kitten. Also I am moving this to the feral forum- because folks there have been there and done this several times!

Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies!!!

I'm in Arkansas... the weather is pretty warm right now.

She is under a year old.

I checked her nipples and the hair is matted around them and her nipples are very very pink in color.

I had not thought about her not leading me to them if she knows... Duh! I will watch from my windows from now on.

The first thing she did when she finally came around was give me the old leg rub "feed me now" signal.

I hope she eventually brings them around... or at least I hope she dissappears soon as well to go back to the babies!

Thank you guys so much!!! And please keep the advice coming! I love my cats so much... I just hate it when things don't work out as planned!
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snowwhite's last litter she brought to me at around 4-8 weeks. Once her babies started to eat solid food she started bring them around to get some i hope your kittens are okay and that she brings you them soon!!
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We have had all of our pets spayed and neutered, but we do care for ferals (that we also trap, spay/neuter and get vaccinated as they appear at the feeder). Last summer a pregnant female appeared - and then disappeared. It turns out she had the kittens in an old groundhog burrow not far from here... as soon as the kittens were up and about, she brought them around for food.

(We ended up adopting four of the litter and finding another home for the fifth. ...and they've all been spayed and neutered - including mum, who we trapped, had spayed & vaccinated & then released her back to the wild after the kittens were just about 12 weeks old ).
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They are all safe and snuggled inside an unfinished portion of our house!

We have had this part blocked off for the winter b/c of the heating system not being placed in that part of the house... Well, we went to look at it to see where we need to start on it this spring and we found her inside a duct.

Go figure...

Thanks for all the help!!!
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