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New high heeled shoes!!

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With the scar tissue build up at the base of one of my big toes I have very limited flexibility.

This prevents me from buying/wearing taller heeled shoes. Not that I have many occasions to wear them but that is something I had hoped to find!!

So I had some time to kill before my meeting last night and wandered into DSW over to the clearance rack and found a modestly priced shoe at 50% off that has a 3 1/2 inch heels and was really comfortable. I wandered around the store with them on while trying many many others. This was the most comfortable ones available. Some I couldn't even bend my foot into.

So I'll wear them to the wedding we are attending Saturday. I'll be much taller than Neil though-almost 6 feet!!
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DSW always has some great shoes!! Im glad you found some heels that you can wear. I love heel.
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I love DSW! Glad you were able to find a nice new pair of heels
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I love heel.
Sometimes I go back and read something I wrote and cringe at the typos and just move on, but there was something about this typo that I didnt want to just leave, so I need to correct, its heelS I love not just one.
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I miss wearing heels. Since my accident in 2003 and subsequent disc problems, I can't wear heels. Because of the back, I've developed knee problems, which definitely means no heels. But every once in a while I wear them and pay the consequences the next day.
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I love heels but with my knee issue's I just cann't wear them anymore.
Glad to hear you found a pair that is comfortable in time for the wedding.
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