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Daily Thread Thurs Oct 9th!

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Morning peeps!

Its almost Friday...and we have a looooooong weekend Not that it matters to me because I am flying out to Toronto for training on Monday anyway... Not a huge fan of being away for so long.

Its going to be be another mild day up to 17 degrees and sunny..I am loving this!

Heading to the gym after work with Josh..and then probably run to the grocery store for some staples.

Have a good day all!
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Sun is shining all the air has a damp feel , does that makes sense lol?

Just woke up , (11:43) i actually got up at 9am and feel asleep on the sofa!!!

Today i will be handed my cv to a bunch of places , if i get a full time job im quiting college , im not enjoying the course at all , and some people on the course are making it v stressful for me!
Jess x
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Its supposed to be a sunny and Indian summer type of day today.

Heading out shortly to plant some tulip bulbs for my Thursday client.

Went shopping yesterday (my part in helping the economy). Got some new books, an Ott-lite branded light for when I work on crafts and shoes (another post).
I did order some Mario Batali Crocs to wear for my PT job (on sale and no shipping!!)

Last night I attended and joined a Women's Horticultural Association. Sounds fun and get to network with other women in my industry!! And signed up for a two day seminar on Invasive Plant Species Mgmt. So I've just spent a small chunk of my business account I better try and make some more $$.

Today starts Neil's prep for his colonscopy tomorrow-tonite ought to be fun!!

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!!!

Looks like we are in for a gorgeous day here, hope so. They are forecasting great weather for the long weekend so I may get do some outdoor things. Most likely be our last few really nice day before winter sets in.

Heading off to work shortly, just need to finish off cleaning out my stuff and tomorrow is the big day..Hard to believe after 17 years I won't be at any one's beck and call 24/7.

I have already got numerous projects planned for the next few weeks so I don't think I will be getting bored anytime soon..

The kitties are great today, I have the window open so they are all sitting there watching the world go by.

Everyone have a good one.
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Its 3pm and im also ready to go hand these cvs out and get some shopping!
Jess x
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Afternoon Everyone

It's sunny outside at the moment. Apparently the butterflies like the weather we're having at the moment, i've already seen 3 this morning

I am about to run some errands. Got to go and pick up some paint so I can start painting my master bathroom (just finished priming it for the most part this week!). I'm also planning to pick up several things for my Secret Santa while i'm out running errands
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